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Free Small House Plan With 2 Bedrooms

This is a free small house floor plan with 2 bedrooms. You can check out our other small house plans here. This small houses plan has one master bedroom and a secondary bedroom.

20Ft Shipping Container Tiny House Plan With Dimensions

This is a 20′ free tiny house shipping container floor plan. It has the basic features for a full home living as a tiny house. As you would notice, it comes with a futon that can serve as a couch or a bed. You can see our other free tiny house plans here.

Free Tiny House Floor Plans: Tiny House Plan For Family of 4

This is one of our free tiny house floor plans. It is a tiny house plan for a family of 4. It also has additional features, to make your tiny house more robust, listed below. You can also check out our list of free tiny house plans here to see our other free plans.