17 Benefits Of Bay Essential Oil

Bay essential oil is an oil extracted from bay leaves. These leaves are originally from the bay rum tree of the Caribbean islands but the tree is also cultivated in other areas such as Morocco.

Extraction of the oil is usually done through steam distillation. The end product is a yellow fluid with a nice spicy scent from the bay leaves. The leaves have many uses ranging from spicing food to healing and other therapeutic purposes.

The main constituents of bay essential oil include; alpha-pinene, geranyl acetate, eugenol, limonene, linalool, methyl chavicol, myrcene, alpha-terpineol, beta pinene, chavicol, and neral.

Below are various health benefits of bay essential oil;

1. Pain Relief

Bay essential oils are a good pain reliever. A good analgesic prevents pain by fighting inflammations which trigger pain. Bay essential oils are known to have this capability giving you instant pain relief. You can bet that the essential oils are a better pick as they have little to no adverse effects on you after continued use. They would rid you of chest pains, migraines, joint pains and many other pains caused by respiratory tract infections.

2. Antiseptic

Bay essential oils can be used as an antiseptic. When you get a cut or a scrape, you can dab the oil on the wound to kill germs and protect your body from infection. Cuts and scrapes should be treated with care as they may end up causing tetanus which is dangerous and fatal if not treated. Bay oil also inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

3. Promotes Appetite

With the bay essential oils, you can boost your appetite. It also has no side effects, unlike medications you may take from the drug store. While you address the root cause of your appetite loss issues, go ahead and get the bay essential oil for a quick natural remedy to boost your appetite.

4. Removes Toxins

Our bodies can handle toxins on its own through the organ functions of the liver and kidneys. However, the body needs assistance from time to time. Bay essential oil improves the ability of these organs to function properly. A build-up of toxins in your body can lead to many diseases and infections. The oils boost your liver and kidney’s ability to detoxify your body.

5. Prevents Nerve Damage

Nerve damage may occur due to compression of blood vessels which can cause chronic pain. This may even inhibit body functions. Bay oil work by preventing the pressure build up in the blood vessels by relaxing them. It relaxes the blood vessels and reduces the occurrence of inflammations.

6. Improves Body Functions

Bay essential oil helps with body functions by improving body processes such as metabolism. This ensures proper food breakdown, thus, increasing the absorption of nutrients in the body. Bay oil would also ensure that the body has properly functioning waste removal.

7. Regulates A Healthy Menstrual Flow

With bay essential oil, one can correct irregular menses. The oil aids in uterus muscle contractions that facilitates releasing of tissue shed. The oil also regulates the hormones in the body which affect the menstrual flow.

8. Aids The Breakdown Of Fatty Foods

Bay essential oil creates a healthy environment for fat breakdown. This function is possible because bay oil promotes the discharge of bile into the stomach. The oil also ensures the body maintains a healthy balance in the stomach preventing cases such as acidity and ulcers.

9. Helps Curb Acne

Bay essential oils are also effective for acne. The oil has astringent properties that ensure that the pores of your skin are clean and the oil also regulates the release of sebum. The oil also helps in reducing spots caused by acne.

10. Antibiotic Properties

Our bodies have grown some resistance to many over the counter antibiotics. This has prompted many people to look for a healthy and easier way to get rid of disease-causing bacteria in the body. Bay oil is an effective alternative as it inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

11. Relieves Spasms

Bay essential oil is also an effective natural remedy for spasms. Although harmless, spasms are a source of discomfort. Using bay oil regularly would help relieve spasms. The oils help relieve spasms and prevent cramps that are caused by these spasms.

12. It Acts As An Insecticide

Bay oils can be used as insecticides. This essential oil is capable of ridding your home of insects like roaches. They are safe to use, unlike the harsh chemical-laden insecticides you buy off the market.

13. Sedative

Bay oil is a great way to get that sleep. For people with depression and stress, the oil is an effective remedy as they get your body to relax and get some rest. Bay oil has healing properties that calm your mind and create some calmness when you are ready for bed.

14. Anti-Neuralgic

Bay oil is an effective remedy for relieving pain from neuralgia. The condition often involves compression of cranial nerves which could cause pain in the oral system such as in the mouth. It may affect activities like eating, laughing, shouting and generally cause discomfort. Bay oil relieves pain in the cranial nerve as well as relieves any pressure that may cause pain.

15. Prevents Hair Loss

Every one of us dreads a bald head. Bay oil has the nutrients to maintain healthy hair growth. It stimulates the functions that aid the growth of hair. It also fortifies that hold of the scalp to the hair roots, thus, preventing hair from shedding.

16. Promotes A Healthy Youthful Skin

Bay oil helps reverse the effects of aging by tightening sagging skin. This is helpful as it creates a healthy looking skin. The oil works by stimulating the muscles. It also creates a healthy skin by getting rid of scars.

17. Sudorific

Bay facilitates perspiration which, in turn, reduces the build-up of toxins, salts, and water in the body.

These are a few known benefits of using bay essential oil. The oil should, however, be used with caution to prevent mishandling. It should be used with caution especially if concentrated as it may cause skin irritations. One should also avoid using it on broken skin. Also, avoid using bay oil on sensitive areas such as the nose or eye.