19 Benefits Of Cajuput (Cajeput) Essential Oil

Cajeput essential oil is obtained from the steam distillation of the leaves and twigs of the cajeput tree (Melaleuca Cajuputi).

The major constituents of cajeput oil include;  beta pinene, limonene, alpha-pinene, myrcene, alpha-terpinene, alpha-terpineol, caryophyllene, gamma terpinene, cymene, Linalool, terpinolene, terpineol, and cineole. Due to these constituents, cajeput oil has numerous medicinal and therapeutic properties that make it beneficial.

Below are various health benefits of cajuput oil;

1. Aromatherapy

Cajuput essential oil contains anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties making it fit for use as a perfume, lotion or deodorant. This oil provides a soft aroma and warm sensation providing aromatherapy sensation. It can also be used to reduce brain fog, increase concentration and enhance confidence by warding off anxiety.

2. Relieves Muscle Cramps

Do you experience frequent muscle cramps? Cajuput oil relieves one from pain by easing the cramping muscles. If you have cajuput essential oil, you should dilute it with a few drops of carrier oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil, then rub the affected muscles. Alternatively, you can add about 6 drops of the cajuput oil to a cloth that has been soaked in hot water and compress the cramping muscle.

3. Treatment Of Cystitis

Cajeput can be used to combat bacteria that cause cystitis by diluting and ingesting. One can also use the oil to relieve pain by diluting it with a few drops of carrier oil then massaging the pelvic region or the lower abdomen. However, this oil should not be used to treat an infection on its own but rather as an aid to other treatments being used. Although it is an effective treatment for cystitis, one should only use after being directed by a naturopathic physician as they can sometimes react with the drugs being used to treat the particular disease.

4. Treats Constipation

Studies have shown that this oil works as an effective laxative making it a good treatment for constipation. For effective bowel movement, one is advised to take a teaspoon of this essential oil before going to bed. However, this treatment should be limited to only 3 days to avoid likely diarrhea symptoms. When rubbing this oil on the stomach, warm sensations are experienced which can reduce colds, nausea, symptoms of flatulence and colds.

5. Relieves Back Pain

This essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to relieve pain associated with injuries, gout, back pain and some nerve problems such as neuronitis, neuralgia, and sciatica among others. One is required to mix a few drops of this oil with olive oil or castor oil and massage the back pain area

6. Reduces Stress In The Respiratory Tract

This essential has been tested and proven to treat sinus congestion and respiratory tract infections such as a cough, cold, bronchitis and flu among others. This oil reduces the tight feeling in the chest and the nasal congestion, thus, helping to thin out mucus and relieving stuffy nose. The best way to use cajuput oil to treat these infections is by inhaling the steam of hot water that has been blended with this oil. In addition, this therapy is best known to treat severe headaches and to eliminate sinus congestion effectively.

7. Treats Toothache

Cajuput oil has been proven to treat various symptoms of a toothache such as reducing gum pain due to tooth loss as well as warding off germs in the mouth. This treatment can be applied by mixing turmeric powder with this essential oil and applying the mixture to the pain area. Alternatively, one can add a few drops of this oil on cotton and place it on the paining tooth.

8. Skin Care

Cajuput essential oil has antibacterial properties that make it suitable for use as a toner after cleansing. These properties help it to tighten skin pores, prevent rashes & spots as well as brighten one’s complexion. The effectiveness of this oil has been tested on oily skin and it proves to clear excess oil that causes acne, blackheads and blocked pores. In addition, this oil stimulates blood circulation which increases the flow of antioxidants and nutrients on the skin. Other than treating the skin, this oil can be used to disinfect and clean makeup sponges, brushes and hairbrushes. For effective skin treatment with cajeput oil, you should dilute two teaspoons of water with two drops of this oil. To treat dark spots, you can use a Q-tip to apply this oil on the affected areas. After cleansing, you should wipe the skin with a cotton pad that has been treated with the diluted oil.

9. Eczema Treatment

Are you suffering from eczema and have not found an effective treatment for this skin condition? Cajuput protects skin that has been affected by eczema from infections by providing a protective barrier. In addition, this oil provides relief from soreness and irritation on the affected skin.

10. Reduces Fever

High fever can be life-threatening especially to infants and toddlers. Cajuput helps to minimize the severity of fever by stimulating the body to sweat which acts as a natural cooling mechanism reducing the fever eventually. Additionally, applying a cold solution of cajuput oil and water has a cooling result on the skin.

11. Treats Arthritis

Arthritis causes joint pain or stiffness and can cause inflammation of one or more joints. Although the pain can be unbearable at times, the analgesic properties of this essential oils relieve the pain significantly. This oil induces warmth which improves blood circulation, thus, reducing inflammation.

12. Reduces Risks Of Fainting

Fainting and seizure is a highly dangerous condition that can be caused by infections or as a result of high fever. This condition can be controlled by applying cajuput oil around the lips and below the nose.

13. Treating Obesity And Diabetes

Are you wondering how cajuput essential oil can treat obesity? Cajuput has been used to treat compromised tolerance of glucose in the body and diabetes type 2. Cajuput increases insulin sensitivity, improves glycemic control and general resistance to diet as a result of obesity.

14. Insect Repellant

One is highly susceptible to insect bites when out in the field hiking or playing. Do you live in an area that has a high concentration of mosquitoes and other insects? A mixture of cajuput oil and water can repel mosquitoes and other insects giving you a good night sleep and a peaceful time out with family and friends.

15. First Aid Remedy

If you need a first aid remedy at home or in the office, especially for wounds, cajuput oil should be a quick solution. This oil is a good treatment for puncture wounds and deep cuts that are likely to introduce tetanus bacteria. Other than acting as a pain reliever, this oil would protect you from infections until you get to the nearest health facility.

16. Antiseptic Properties

If you have a bottle of cajuput oil, you can utilize it to disinfect your home and create a germ-free zone. This oil can be used to clean bathroom fittings, kitchen counters, disinfect diaper pails among other things in the home. You can use it as you desire!

17. Improved Elimination Of Toxins

Want to get rid of toxins and other waste products in the body? Cajuput oil helps to stimulate blood circulation which improves the functioning of organs eventually eliminating waste products from the body. Additionally, this oil acts as a regulator of temperatures in the body by encouraging sweating which is another effective way of getting rid of impurities from the skin.

18. Treatment Of Worms

Worms, such as parasitic worms, can cause chronic conditions which are very difficult to get rid of. Cajuput essential oil contains active compounds which are effective in treating most fungal infections as well as intestinal worms. To get the desired results, one should dilute the essential oil in water and ingest as directed by a health physician. However, it is necessary to seek guidance from a health practitioner since some drugs can have adverse effects on an individual when ingested with this essential oil.

19. Herbal Drink

Although the use of herbs has been depleted by modern drugs and discouraged by medical specialist, using it in moderation is not harmful. A cup of cajuput oil diluted with water can make a good solution of herbal drink. This drink can be used to treat conditions such as cholera, throat infection, abdominal pain, and common colds among others. However, when using this drink as an herbal drink for treatment, you should observe the limits to avoid overdosing which can lead to excessive sweating, increased heart rate and diarrhea in some special instances.


Cajuput essential oil is a strong product that should be used with precaution. One should avoid using it on infants, pregnant women or ingesting in excessive amounts unless as directed by a physician. However, when used carefully, these 19 benefits of cajuput essential oil make it worth trying at home with family and friends.