17 Benefits Of Chai Tea

Chai tea is a variety of tea that is well-known for its numerous health benefits. It is often made by brewing black, green, or oolong tea with numerous aromatic herbs and spices.

The most popular variant of chai tea is Masala chai which is an Indian beverage that often includes herbs such as cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. Other common constituents of chia tea include cardamom, fennel, or black peppercorns.

The nutritional constituents of chia tea are dependent on the ingredients that make up the chia tea. However, as most chia teas are made up of black, green, or oolong tea, they often contain iron, caffeine, and sodium. Chia tea is also rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. Furthermore, its numerous ingredients, such as fennel, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and peppercorn add their diverse range of health benefits.

Below are several health benefits of chai tea;

1. For Heart’s Health

Chai tea may have a unique ability to improve your heart’s health. Cinnamon is one of the significant ingredients found in chai tea, and studies on animals illustrated its ability to lower blood pressure. Studies done on black tea, which is also used to make chai tea, also showed that it may contribute to lower blood cholesterol.

2. Great And Healthy Energizer

Chai tea has caffeine which can give you a boost of energy to get your day going. Chai tea contains a healthy amount of caffeine and may help eliminate the crash that coffee or energy drinks can cause. Another major contributor to the energy you receive from drinking chai tea comes directly from the healthy dose of carbohydrates that a serving can provide.

3. Good Source Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the building blocks of the skeletal system and also helps regulate the phosphorus in your body. Recent studies have also shown that vitamin D can assist in the creation of new follicles resulting in healthier hair. Vitamin D is crucial for healthy bones and may be especially beneficial for women, which are more prone to osteoporosis.

4. May Reduce Nausea

Chai tea contains ginger, which is known for its unique ability to reduce nausea at times such as in events that may cause motion sickness. Women who are pregnant can also benefit from these benefits but must keep in mind that there might be some elements of the tea that could be passed to the baby, such as caffeine.

5. Contains Thermogenic Properties

The cinnamon found within chai tea is considered a thermogenic. This means that it would influence the temperature of your body and stimulate your metabolism resulting in weight loss. Cinnamon also assists in lowering blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of heart disease.

6. Increase Digestive Enzymes

Black pepper is a common ingredient found in chai tea and has shown the ability to increase digestive enzymes resulting in a better digestive tract. Various ingredients found within chai tea can dramatically improve the functionality of the digestive system and common issues associated with it. Bloating, vomiting, nausea can be prevented, all together, in some cases.

7. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The chemicals found in chai tea can provide a non-pharmaceutical option for inflammation by helping the brain control pain. A common use for chai tea’s anti-inflammatory properties includes reducing the inflammation caused by a sore throat.

8. May Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Chai tea may help prevent diabetes by helping your body control the insulin and sugar levels in your body. Having a few cups of chai tea a day can help those who are vulnerable to the disease, or at a higher risk, prevent the disease from developing. If you already have diabetes, drinking chai tea can help manage diabetes by improving the insulin sensitivity your body has and improving the longevity of the insulin-producing cells.

9. Aids In Maintaining Healthy Muscles, Nails, And Hair

Chai tea has a significant amount of protein which are the building blocks of muscle, nails, and hair. Outside of these wonderful benefits, chai tea also contains fennel which can greatly increase the health and tone of your skin. Drinking chai tea that contains fennel may also be used as a skin issue remedy as an added benefit.

10. Helps Maintain Healthy Red Blood Cells

Red blood cells contain hemoglobin which helps in the transfer of oxygen. The iron contained within chai tea can directly provide about 2% of the daily amount you need. The one found in the chai tea may directly improve brain function, eliminate fatigue, reduce the chances of anemia, boost immunity, and can even improve your ability to concentrate.

11. Chai Tea May Aid In Hydration

Chai tea contains a healthy dose of sodium which is crucial for muscle function and healthy levels of hydration. Bad hydration can result in poor muscle function, mental fatigue, premature aging, blood pressure issues, and obesity.

12. May Protect Eye Health

Vitamin A which is found within the common ingredients of chai tea plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy eyes and vision. Outside of eye health, vitamin A also plays a part in immune support, cell growth, and can fight inflammation.

13. Great Source Of Energy Throughout Your Day

Chai tea contains caffeine and a little carbohydrate that help improve energy levels to different parts of the body such as the brain, kidneys, and muscles. Carbohydrates are also your bodies main source of energy and assist in keeping your cholesterol at optimal levels.

14. May Reduce The Risk Of Some Cancers

Chai tea may stimulate good cells to remove or eliminate imperfect and possibly cancerous cells due to its antioxidants having a toxic reaction on cancerous cells. Some of the ingredients that are well-known combatants of cancer include black pepper, cinnamon, and ginger, all which are found in this one cancer-fighting tea.

15. Weight Loss Properties

Chai tea contains several significant ingredients that can result in weight loss. Some of these ingredients include protein, carbohydrates, cinnamon. Obesity is quickly becoming one of the most prominent health issues and rightfully so. Chai tea may provide a herbal way of doing a little extra to control your weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

16. May Reduce The Risk Of Arthritis

The antioxidant properties of chai tea can effectively reduce the harmful radicals working in your body, thus, resulting in a lower risk of arthritis as well as many other chronic diseases. Even those who already suffer from arthritis can benefit from chai tea, as chai tea contains anti-inflammatory agents. Rheumatoid arthritis specifically can be inhibited by elements found in chai tea.

17. Helps Relax The Mind

Chai tea contains an ingredient called cardamom which is known for helping the mind relax and, more importantly, helping with depression. Today more than ever, we hear about the importance of mental health and how thee is an increase in mental health disorders. Chai tea can be an easy and cost-effective way to improve your odds of not falling victim to this epidemic.



Side Effects Of Chai Tea
Consumption of chai tea could lead to complications with pregnancy and stomach issues. As such, for women who are pregnant or nursing a child, caffeinated drinks such as tea should be avoided as much as possible. Furthermore, excessive consumption of chia tea could lead to gastrointestinal issues such as nausea and diarrhea. Excessive consumption of chia tea could also lead to anxiety and restlessness. As such, moderate consumption is recommended when drinking a relatively strong tea such as chia tea.