15 Health Benefits Of Elderberry Tea

Elderberry tea is made by brewing or steeping dried elderberry fruits in hot water. You could add cinnamon or ginger for additional taste.

Elderberry tea should not be mistaken for elderflower (elderberry flower) tea as elderflower tea is obtained from brewing or steeping elderberry flowers that grow early, during blooming season, just before the berries appear.

Elderberry (Sambucus cerulea), for hundreds of years, has been well known for its therapeutic and medicinal purposes.

The active constituents in elderberry tea include; anthocyanins,  flavonoids, triterpenoids, quercetin, and cinnamic acid. This tea is also rich in minerals and vitamins such as; vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin B.

Below are various health benefits of elderberry tea;

1. Immunity Boost

It is well known that our natural immune system is a complex defense system that protects the human body on a daily basis. Usually, the immune system has a great way of keeping our body safe from external and internal attacks. However, sometimes, it’s ability to function properly can be compromised and that can lead to a wide range of illnesses and infections. This doesn’t leave us helpless, but this is the part where we usually take different medicines for different illnesses. But for diseases such as common cold, you should try to boost your immunity as naturally as possible and leave your body to heal itself. In this situation, elderberry is an effective remedy.

Served as a tea, it is proven that elderberry can relieve flu symptoms and significantly reduce the length of the symptoms. Being a rich source of vitamin C, advice to use elderberry tea when you are sick doesn’t come as a surprise. Traditionally, elderberry has been used for treating cold and influenza, commonly known as “flu”. The conclusion of many studies made on this subject confirms the beneficial effect, of elderberry, in boosting the immune system and preventing infections. That is why elderberry tea is mostly known as the natural immune booster.

2. Antioxidant And Anticarcinogenic

Elderberry tea has high amounts of antioxidants. It also has anticarcinogenic and therapeutic properties. This is why it’s believed that elderberries may help prevent cancer. Although elderberry tea can’t be used as medicine itself, extracts of the berry showed notable chemopreventive agents. Its preventive power shows that it’s good to drink elderberry tea as a supplement.

3. Helps With Nerve Pain

Pain and inflammation caused by physical injury can be partly treated with this tea. Studies that showed anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects in elderberry tea indicate that 2-3 cups per day would relieve pain and help to treat symptoms of arthritis.

4. Improves Digestion

Eating a high-fiber diet is proven to enhance digestion and help with symptoms that come with digestive problems like bloating, gas and stomach pain. The natural fiber in elderberry, like in most fruits, can improve digestion.

5. Laxative Properties

One of the common uses of elderberry tea is as a mild laxative. In Europe and in Brazil, elderberry, due to its constituent called anthraquinone, has been used as a natural laxative that can help with relieving constipation.

6. Helpful In Losing Weight

Combining its properties; enhance digestion and its diuretic effects, elderberry tea can be helpful in losing weight. In one German study, it’s been proven that taking elderberry juice or tea on a daily basis can significantly aid weight loss.

7. Reduces Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol in your blood builds up in the walls of the arteries causing your blood flow to be significantly obstructed. Lack of oxygen in the heart can cause serious heart disease, angina or ischemia. Elderberry itself does not prevent heart disease, but frequent use has shown that elderberry tea can reduce cholesterol in the blood.

8. Strengthening Bones

Calcium is the single most important mineral for strong and healthy bones, and it’s the main mineral found in your bones. The iron, in elderberry, and calcium, in berries overall, can help to strengthen bones and increase bone density.

9. Anti-Aging Properties

Elderberry tea, elderberry oil, and its fruit extract, due to anthocyanin richly present in elderberry fruit, and the polyphenol that gives elderberry its characteristic red color, provide your skin with a natural detoxification. The result is a rejuvenated skin, refreshing effect and reduced visibility of scarring and breakouts on the skin. You can use cold elderberry tea for external washing of the skin, or simply drink it. The effects would be visible either way.

10. Scalp And Hair Benefits

Like most oils that are beneficial for improving the skin, the elderberry oil can be very useful in treating problems with the scalp. Applying a small dose on the roots of your hair can go a long way. It’s believed that the serum of elderberry can accelerate the growth of the hair, making it healthier and firmer. You can also wash your hair with elderberry tea as a form of conditioner.

11. Improving Vision

Elderberries contain moderate contents of vitamin B6 and vitamin A. Studies have shown that B6 helps to slow the onset of certain eye diseases. Taking vitamin B6 along with other vitamins, like vitamin A, can help prevent eye disorders and loss of vision. With drinking elderberry tea, you don’t need to take vitamin B6 and vitamin A separately due to the fact that both are contained in the fruit.

12. Treating Urinary Tract Infections

This area is not yet fully clarified, but antioxidants in berries are believed to improve the function of the kidneys. This leads to the conclusion that elderberry tea is highly likely to aid in the treatment of urinary infections. However, consult a doctor before using elderberry tea as a remedy for UTIs.

13. Improving Cognitive Function

Besides improving brain activity, elderberries can help improve cognitive functions, memory, and overall brain functionality. This is a really promising remedy in relieving serious conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

14. Helps With Sinus Inflammation

Sinus inflammation is a common disease in young children. That is why elderberry is useful for children as well as for adults. A study regarding Sinupret, a herbal formula that, besides other herbs, contains elderberry flowers, showed that combined with standard antibacterial therapy, Sinupret, significantly reduces the acute symptoms and signs of sinusitis. Elderberry tea can also relieve symptoms of bronchitis.

15. Detoxification For The Whole Body

If you review all the benefits of this tea, you would easily come to the conclusion that it’s a natural, easy and safe way for complete body detoxification. Combining benefits to the immune system and the prevention of numerous diseases, its laxative and digestive properties, the ability to improve brain work and cognitive abilities and the various benefits to the skin, it is safe to say that a cup of elderberry tea augments the detoxification of the whole body.