11 Health Benefits Of Pluots (Plumcots)

A pluot, also known as plumcot is a hybrid of PLUm and apricOT. Engineered by Floyd Zaiger, these fruits were first sold in 1989.

Resembling a plum, they have a sweet flavor, with a fuzzy skin like that of an apricot. Like most other fruits, pluots which are rich in minerals and vitamins. They also help to protect you from several health conditions.

Below are various health benefits of pluots;

1. Improvement In Body Immunity

Pluot has a very high vitamin C content which helps to improve the immunity of your body. The white blood cell production is stimulated by vitamin C which in turn, helps to fight various micro-organism infections trying to attack the body.

2. Helps With Digestion

Pluot is rich in dietary fiber, which is beneficial for the digestive system. Fiber accelerates the absorption of nutrients in food as well as smoothens bowel movement, thus, resulting in a healthy digestive system. Pluots also help to overcome or reduce the chances of disorders related to digestion.

3. Accelerated Healing

For a wounded person, the vitamin C content of pluots stimulates the growth of new tissues which heals the wound faster.

4. Fights Aging Symptoms

Beta-carotene, an antioxidant found in pluot, protects the cell membranes and fatty acids from harmful free radicals. This helps to fight various aging signs, such as skin wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity. The high amount of other antioxidants, in pluots, also increases cell metabolism and circulation, which promotes skin elasticity and keeps wrinkles as well as acne at bay.

5. Lowers The Risk Of Constipation

One pluot contains 3 grams of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is soluble, which increases the water content in your stool. Stool, thus gets larger, softer, and can pass easily through the intestines, reducing the risk of constipation. Furthermore, insoluble fiber in pluot adds more mass to the fecal material. This hastens the passage of stool through the intestine and prevents the feeling of constipation.

6. Prevention Of Infection

Pluot provides you with 10 percent of the daily vitamin C required by the body. It also provides water-soluble antioxidants. Vitamin C, along with antioxidants, helps in increasing the resistance of the body against infections.

7. Balances Cholesterol Level

Pluots contain potassium, an important component in a human cell. Potassium also helps in controlling blood pressure and heart rate. It also prevents clotting of platelets that may cause atherosclerosis, stroke or other heart diseases. Fiber and vitamins in pluot also help to maintain a healthy cholesterol and homocysteine level, reducing the chances of heart attack.

8. Improvement Of Bone Health

Pluot boosts the health of bone, especially in case of post-menopausal women. Rich in flavonoid and phenolic compounds, pluot helps reverse the bone loss. Pluots also contain boron which plays a vital role in ossification and help in the general upkeep of your bones as well as preserving bone density.

9. Controlling Diabetes

The fiber content of pluots helps in accelerating the blood sugar assimilation in the body, thereby reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Plumcot’s rank is low in glycemic index. Thus, consuming them results in a balanced blood sugar level. Furthermore, phytonutrients found in pluot controls the glucose released in blood after consuming a meal and regulates the spike of insulin between meals. Hence, it is recommended by doctors that a diabetic patient should include pluot in their diet.

10. Improved Fluid Intake

The fluid content of pluot is high. Since 70 percent of the human body is fluid, body fluid reduction can cause adverse effects to your health. The liquid needs of your body would be improved by intake of pluot.

11. Prevention Of Cancer

Studies show that pluot helps in the prevention of cancer occurring in the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. Pluots contain anthocyanins, which mops up harmful free radicals, thereby preventing cancer without destroying any healthy cell.


Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, pluots also help in preventing hair loss, combat alopecia, promotes healing, reduces the chance of macular degeneration and decreases the chance of kidney stones as well.

To enjoy these benefits, a serving of one or two cups of pluot is required daily. Also, look for pluots with firm and smooth skin. Pluots can be sliced and eaten directly or added to a fruit salad. However, because of its high sugar content too much pluot should be avoided if you are trying to control the sugar level in your meals.