18 Health Benefits Of Skullcap Tea, Leaf, And Extract

Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora), also known as blue skullcap, is a perennial flowering plant which can be found in North America’s wet habitats. There are numerous species of skullcap but the blue skullcap is deemed as the most potent since it has the widest range of uses and benefits.

The health benefits of skullcap include; reduces anxiety, soothes the nervous system, aids in weight loss, prevents certain cancers, treats diabetes, balances hormones, lowers inflammation, and regulates sleep.

Below are various detailed health benefits of skullcap leaf, tea, and extracts;

1. Improves The Health Of Your Liver

The liver is one of the most delicate organs in your body. It is an organ that is responsible for osmoregulation and detoxification of harmful substances that may make us develop ailments. Due to the crucial functions it performs, it is good if there are ways to maintain its healthy condition. This is where the significance of skullcap tea, leaves and extract comes in The herb helps to increase antioxidant activities of the liver. The liver is among those organs that would take time to recover once it gets infected or damaged. Skullcap improves liver health and makes it work more effectively by removing toxins and enabling the liver to absorb more nutrition. However, strive to avoid overconsumption of skullcap.

2. Management Of Diabetes

This one is among the most crucial benefits of skullcap considering the high number of people suffering from diabetes all over the world. Studies have shown that skullcap can efficiently regulate insulin level. This is welcoming information for patients who have been agonizingly trying to find natural help in the management of their insulin levels. To regulate glucose and insulin, this herb increases insulin production and plays a great role to regulate its levels within the body.

3. Promotion Of Heart Health

Skullcap plays a beneficial role in regulating the cholesterol level in our body by lowering their levels when they have risen to critical conditions. This way, the chances of one developing heart diseases such as strokes, atherosclerosis and heart attacks become minimal. Skullcap also ensures that the veins and arteries are healthy due to the reduction of blood pressure as there is no lining in the vein that may block the passage of the blood thereby requiring greater pressure to pump it to the body.

4. Cancer Treatment

The Chinese use skullcap as a natural remedy for cancer. Skullcap’s antioxidant flavone components lead to the death of cancerous cells thus preventing them from spreading. They also slow down the rate of tumor growth. However, it is recommended that you first consult a professional or a physician if you want to use this herb for cancer treatment. This is to enable you to have the correct dose and prevent yourself from having other side effects that you did not expect.

5. Helps To Treat Inflammation

Due to its ability to treat inflammation, skullcap is often used by Chinese as it possesses some anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are crucial for the treatment of excessive inflammation such as arthritis disease and inflammatory bowels.

6. Pain Reliever

Skullcap can be taken in various forms such as tea. It can also be used in the form of a paste whereby it is directly applied in areas that are experiencing pain. This is important, especially when used on wounds which are in the process of healing or when someone is recovering from some painful bruises.

7. For Body Relaxation

When taken in the form of tea, skullcap is very beneficial in keeping your body relaxed and free from anxiety. It also relieves the body from stress and epilepsy, when this tea is taken regularly. This makes it to be recommended for patients with hypertension.

8. Helps In Weight Loss

Though this benefit is yet to be verified through scientific research, skullcap reduces triglycerides that help you to quickly lose weight if you also maintain a good diet regime. However, research is being conducted to confirm the weight loss effects and there are great hopes that the findings would be positive.

9. Protection From Parkinson’s Disease

Skullcap has been proven to be able to prevent your nerve cells from being damaged by Parkinson’s disease which could lead to tremors, impairing body balance and coordination, making the trunk and limbs to be stiff as well as slowing movement. Skullcap contains baicalein and antioxidants that inhibit this chronic disease from occurring.

10. Insomnia Treatment

Lack of sleep is one of the signs of someone suffering from insomnia. The patient also wakes up early and usually finds it difficult to sleep. When in this condition, the patient can take this herb as a natural treatment because it contains some active ingredients that would relieve you from stress and anxiety. Once you take it, you would tend to easily sleep and maintain your sleep. Thus you would no longer find yourself waking up early. It should also be noted that the patient suffering from insomnia should take this herb in the form of tea, for the treatment to be effective. Additionally, due to the chemical known as wagonin that acts as a sedative in this herb, the patient should avoid taking it with other medications that may have the same sedative effects.

11. Allergy Treatment

Numerous allergies are treatable when subjected to treatment by skullcap. This herb is very effective in treating even the most severe allergies which could be difficult to cure by other means or herbs. This is because skullcap contains various cleansing properties such as the antiviral, antibacterial and the antifungal ones. These properties make it possible for skullcap to protect the body against many diseases and infections. It also contains an antihistamine that greatly helps in treating those with allergies.

12. Treatment Of Nervous Disorders

Skullcap is a natural treatment for those suffering from nervous disorders. If you happen to have any problem with the nervous system, you may find yourself experiencing spasmodic side effects and seizures. By taking skullcap tea, these episodes are restricted and seizure is reduced. For it to be effective, it is recommended that you include skullcap in your diet daily for your nervous system to be healthy.

13. Lowers The Temperatures Of Those Suffering From Flu

When skullcap is administered to those patients suffering from flu, there is a significant drop in temperatures. It has therefore been recommended for fever treatment. This is following the conducted research and the findings that when combined with unprocessed rhubarb, fried bitter apricot seeds, and other medicinal herbs. This combination reduces high fever, shortness of breath, cough, anxiety, and irritation.

14. Treatment Of Epilepsy And Reduction Of Muscle Spasms

Skullcap is among the best herbal medicines that are mostly used to treat epilepsy. It is also used to reduce muscle spasms, tremors, and headaches.

15. Used As An Antispasmodic

Skullcap is used to minimize neuralgia, throat infections, stress, headaches and the effects that come about as a result of incessant coughing. The American skullcap is also a natural treatment for withdrawal symptoms from barbiturates and tranquilizers and it may also be useful to people with fibromyalgia, anorexia nervosa as well as mild Tourette’s syndrome.

16. Wound Care

The American skullcap contains antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that make it fit for cleaning small wounds. It has been proven to contain flavones that help in blood flowing to the skin thus making the wound to heal and prevent the risk of infection.

17. Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

Studies have shown that Chinese skullcap can be used to come up with new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. This particular skullcap’s flavonoids protect hippocampal neurons.

18. Prevent Memory Impairment

Skullcap contains oroxylin A that helps prevent the risk of getting one’s memory impaired. Its roots contain an antioxidant that helps in preventing memory impairment that could result from the amyloid beta that forms plaques on the brain.


Word Of Caution
Avoid the excess consumption of skullcap as it could lead to nausea, light-headedness, and giddiness as well as seizures in extreme cases. Also, avoid combining skullcap intake with other medicines except it is recommended by your doctor.