29 Health Benefits Of Geranium

Geranium is a generic name that refers to over 200 Geraniaceae plant species. In this write-up, the geranium we are referring to is the rose-scented geranium called Geranium pelargonium. This is the only known species of geranium that can be safely consumed.

Geranium plant has 5-petal flowers as well as pinnate leaves on long stems. The leaves are the main medicinal and therapeutic part of the plant used in natural remedies. These leaves are often brewed into a pleasant-smelling tea.

Geranium essential oil, which is extracted from its flowers, also has numerous therapeutic benefits. Furthermore, this essential oil’s rose-like fragrance makes it suitable for aromatherapy purposes.

Geranium does not have significant culinary applications. It is mostly used for decoration or medicinal purposes.

Below are various health benefits of geranium;

1. Naturally Cleans The Skin

Our hectic lifestyles expose our skin to countless toxins daily, mostly without us even realizing. Most of us then turn to expensive and intense skincare products, but what we are doing is lathering yet more toxins onto our skin. A better alternative is to let nature heal and cleanse our skin by using geranium. Geranium helps restore a healthy glow to your face and body.

2. Astringent Properties

Geranium also has fantastic astringent properties. In simple terms, this property boosts tissue contractions across the whole skin and especially the face, leaving us with a very toned and healthy look.

3. Anti-Aging Properties

Geranium improves contraction of the muscles and tissues causing the skin to tighten. This leads to far fewer wrinkles and fine lines. This makes geranium an effective anti-aging herbal remedy.

4. Anti-Scarring Properties

Geranium also has cicatrisant properties which help heal scars and marks. Even some deep marks and scars, from things like surgery, fade with time with the help of geranium. It isn’t the magic cure for all scars but works just as effectively and often more effectively than expensive conventional anti-scar treatments.

5. Tones The Skin

Geranium oil aids in getting the body systems to work optimally which results in an improvement in skin tone. Some have noted that their skin tone improvement has been so dramatic and apparent that people have assumed they had undergone expensive surgery to improve their skin.

6. Amazing Deodorant

Geranium oil not only has a pleasing scent, but it also has anti-bacterial properties which make it effective as a natural deodorant, and unlike store purchased deodorants, geranium oil contains no harsh synthetic chemicals.

7. Inhibits The Growth Of Harmful Microbes

Geranium has potent antibacterial and antifungal properties. These properties help enable wounds and injuries to be protected from microbial infections.

8. Immune System Booster

If you are someone who gets ill pretty easily, you are going to love knowing that geranium helps in boosting the immune system. It does this by strengthening the immune cells in our body so that they are better equipped to fight off infections when they present themselves.

9. A Potent Diuretic

Geranium is a potent diuretic, on par with, and possibly exceeding coffee. The diuretic effects of geranium ensure that your body is more effectively getting rid of toxins from your body via your urine.

10. Indirectly Affects The Cardiovascular System

Because geranium is a potent diuretic, it increases the amount of urine you expend, which indirectly improves digestion. This is a pleasant knock-on effect.

11. Helps Prevent Neural Disorders

Geranium goes a long way in reducing inflammation which is one of the main causes of neural degeneration. So by reducing inflammation, geranium helps prevent severe neurological problems including dementia.

12. Normalizes Hormone Secretion

People underestimate how important our hormones are to our well being, but ask anyone low in a vital hormone and they would tell you the numerous ways it is causing havoc on their body.

13. Ensures Proper Stimulation Of The Endocrine Gland

Geranium is a very good way of ensuring the proper stimulation of the endocrine gland. This is a gland that is crucial for proper hormone secretion, so it is something that should not be overlooked.

14. Strong Vermifugal Properties

The vermifugal properties of geranium oil are incredibly effective in getting rid of intestinal worms. This is something that affects children mostly, but, worryingly, is also affecting a large number of adults more recently.

15. Helps Alleviate Respiratory Disorders

Geranium is immensely effective in addressing various respiratory disorders, chiefly among them are sore throats. Sore throats are universally loathed, so bear this in mind the next time you get one.

16. Effective In Helping With Several Female Issues

Geranium has often been touted as an effective natural treatment for numerous women’s health issues, these include but are not restricted to postmenopausal syndrome and premenstrual cramps. Of course, the effectiveness would vary depending on the woman, but numerous reports have found that geranium has helped greatly.

17. Antidepressant Properties

Geranium oil has recently been discovered to have antidepressant properties, and one without the horrible side effects of conventional antidepressants. The oil helps dissipate tension and stress.

18. Keeps Athlete’s Foot At Bay

Geranium oil has recently been found to be an incredibly effective treatment for the dreaded athlete’s foot which affects millions of people across the world. This makes a pleasant change from all the tremendously expensive conventional treatments on the market today, many of which have quite severe side effects.

19. Cytophylactic Properties

What this means is that geranium oil enables proper cell growth by not only recycling dead skin cells but also going a long way in creating new skin cells.

20. Vulnerary Properties

Geranium oil helps speed up the healing process for several open wounds, even deep open wounds from things like surgery.

21. Helps Detoxify The Body

Geranium has numerous properties which make it amazing for detoxifying the body. It does this primarily by getting rid of harmful free radicals from our system so the body can function optimally.

22. Treats Skin Disorders

Geranium goes a long way in treating annoying and persistent skin disorders including acne and eczema. Of course, results would vary depending on the person. However, many have reported seeing impressive results after continued long term application of geranium oil.

23. Controls How Much Sebum Is Secreted

Geranium naturally balances the oils in both our scalp and hair. The result? Gorgeous, healthy, shimmering hair – and all without the huge cost and nasty side effects of conventional hair care products. Nature saves the day, once again.

24. Aids In New Hair Growth

Geranium oil when mixed with other oils, such as coconut oil, aids in hair growth.

25. Makes Hair Smell Nice

Geranium oil gives your hair a lovely and long-lasting fragrance. I know what you are thinking. Smell is subjective and what smells good to one person might not smell good to another. But hear us out and give it a try, we are almost certain you would love how your hair smell after applying it.

26. Reduces Blood Pressure

Geranium has been shown to reduce blood pressure in several studies especially when it’s combined with a good diet and exercise.

27. Improves Dental Health

There have been several studies which show that geranium may improve dental health.

28. Anti-Hemorrhagic Agent

The anti-hemorrhagic effect of geranium is due to its fantastic ability to prevent the flow of blood by contracting our arteries and veins.

29. Metabolism Booster

Yes, you read that correctly. Geranium can heighten the body’s metabolic rate. This is done via geranium’s cytophylactic properties.


Word Of Caution
It is important to note that only the rose-scenting Geranium pelargonium can be safely consumed. As such, ensure this is the plant species you are using especially if you do not get your herbs from a professional. Furthermore, consult your doctor before taking any herbal supplement.