23 Health Benefits Of Papaya Leaves

Papaya leaves are the leaves from the papaya tree (Carica papaya). Due to the leaves’ high level of papain, carpaine, and other enzymes and phytonutrients, it is commonly used for both culinary and therapeutic purposes.

NB: The papaya fruit is also a well-known fruit and is also widely consumed globally.

Papaya leaves can be prepared in the form of tea or juice. The leaves could also be prepared as soothing salves or facial masks. Papaya leaf extracts could also be obtained for more effective therapeutic benefits.

Below are various health benefits of papaya leaves;

1. Papaya Leaves Have Anticarcinogenic Properties

Cancer is one of the top deadly diseases whose prevention and treatment at an early stage could be quite expensive. Papaya leaves offer affordable and effective anticancer properties as the Ethnopharmacological journal provides in a study. Papaya leaf extracts bear enzymes whose concentration on cellular areas help provide inhibition for breast, cervical, lung and even liver cancer progression.

2. For Dengue Fever

Papaya leaves offer curative properties for dengue fever. Dengue fever is a disease that is transmitted by Aedes mosquito. It’s a viral disease. Its symptoms include muscle pain that is severe, fever accompanied by a headache, red rashes as well as joint pain. Pharmaceutical tests suggest that enzymes like papain could offer curative characteristics.

3. Antimalarial Properties

Papaya leaves also have been tested and confirmed to offer antimalarial properties. Malaria has been a threat in tropical regions and its cure has been expensive to the majority of the people living in the tropics. However, papaya leaves have been researched and suggested to be antimalarial prophylactics.

4. Desirable Nutritive Value

Papaya leaves have desirable nutrients like vitamins A, B1, C and E. It also provides good calories, calcium, carbohydrates, and even proteins. The papain enzymes, present in the papaya leaves, are useful for aiding in the natural protein breakdown.

5. Antiviral Properties

Papaya leaves also have the potential of fighting a number of viral infections. It helps in the natural regeneration of white blood cells and platelets. Also with its rich vitamins and minerals, papaya leaves would help fight and prevent viral infections.

6. Antifungal And Antiparasitic Properties

Papaya leaves also contain the carpaine compounds that help boost the body’s ability to fight fungi, parasite and even intestinal worms. As such, papaya leaf extracts are used to prevent intestinal worms development by herbal medics.

7. For Burning Of Fat

Papaya leaves are also helpful in the burning of fat when boiled together with orange peels that are sliced. It is tested and confirmed to be an effective weight-loss agent.

8. Natural Menstrual Pain Reliever

Papaya leaves also provide natural relief to menstrual pain. If mixed with tamarind and salt in a glass of water to prepare a concoction, one can get pain relief during menstruation once taken.

9. Skin Smoothening

Papaya leaves also produce extracts that are rich in vitamins C and A that promote skin health and smoothening.

10. As Skin Cleansing Agent

Papaya leaves also serve as a cleansing agent for skin. This is attributed to the carpaine compound that is present in its juice and which protect the skin from attack by microorganisms.

11. For Skin Problems

Papaya leaves are quite effective for treating eczema, pimples and even blemishes. The papaya leaf extract could be applied to the affected region. For eczema, one applies the juice from the papaya leaves after scrubbing/cleaning the affected region.

12. For Wounds

When fresh, papaya leaf extracts aid in the healing of open sores and wound. This is because the extract serves as an antimicrobial as well as a healing agent.

13. For Skin Softening

The papaya juice that is milky in color and which is extracted from tips of the leaves often serve as a softening agent for skin. It also helps to soften the corn or wart on feet.

14. For Hair

Papaya leaves also produce very high nutritive juice that improves the health care of the hair. This is mostly used in the salons that offer natural medicare for the hair. Once it is used as a conditioner, it helps improve the sheen of dull hair, hence, softening the hair by making it more activated and lively.

15. For Dandruff

The extracts from papaya leaves could serve as an active ingredient for anti-dandruff control. This is used in shampoos that prevent dandruff as well as those that control dandruff flakes. The carpaine compound, that is present in papaya leaves, is effective in the removal of excess oil and dirt.

16. Helps Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Papaya leaves are good news for diabetic-prone individuals since it helps stimulate the activities of insulin in the body. papaya leaf is an effective agent for controlling diabetes. This, in turn, helps prevent diabetes-related diseases like kidney attacks and kidney failure.

17. Helps Increase Platelets

One of the side effects of chemotherapy is the reduced levels of platelets in one’s blood. One could take papaya leaf extracts to help boost platelet levels. Research suggests that intake of papaya leaf extracts help in replenishing blood platelet levels.

18. Antibacterial Properties

Papaya leaves also help in inhibiting of bacterial growth. Empirical findings have confirmed that papaya leaves have a number of constituents that are antibacterial.

19. For Gastric Ulcers

Based on a research conducted in India, papaya leaves also serve to prevent gastric ulcers. This is done by the increase in the activities of glutathione peroxidase which inhibit the harmful effects of free radicals.

20. Anti-Aging Properties

More than 50 amino acids, present in the papaya leaves, such as glutamate acid, valine, glycine, leucine among others are used in both commercial and herbal cosmetics to improve skin conditions as well as to reduce wrinkles and dark spots.

21. Supports The Digestive System

Most of the enzymatic components in papaya are best used to improve digestive health. These help keep the digestive system, as research has proven, healthy with appropriate gut flora. Papaya leaf extracts also protect one from digestive diseases by inhibiting harmful microbial agents that are harmful to the digestive system.

22. Prevention Of The Coronary Artery Disease

This is a disease that usually occurs due to having high levels of cholesterol (LDL) in the body. The presence of vitamin C in papaya leaf extracts helps inhibit the oxidation of cholesterol. This helps to boost blood circulation that keeps the heart healthy and safe from attack and damage.

23. Helps Relieve Prostate Enlargement

Papaya leaves if consumed helps in relieving symptoms of benign prostate enlargement. Papaya leaf extracts also show anti-proliferative and anti-metastatic properties against numerous prostatic diseases including prostate cancer.