15 Health Benefits Of Pine Pollen

Pine pollens are often golden-yellow in color and are pollens from pine trees. Pine pollen can be purchased in various forms especially as tinctured extracts or raw powder.

Though pine pollens can cause allergic reactions in some people, they are also packed with compounds, nutrients, antioxidants, and androgenic constituents that provide numerous health benefits when consumed.

Below are various health benefits of pine pollen;

1. For Hepatic Fibrosis

Also known as scarring of the liver is a condition in which healthy tissues are replaced with scar tissues in the liver. This condition can get worse as this can lead to cirrhosis. Pine pollen works well for liver issues as it contains brassinosteroid brassinolide. It then helps in the removal of unwanted toxins from the liver, thus, improving your general health.

2. For Irregular Period

A decrease in testosterone level in women’s body leads to irregular periods, acne, change in body shape, etc. Hence, over the years women have started to take supplements which help them to maintain this level in the body. Researchers have found a number of androgens in pine pollen which lead to an increase in testosterone level. Usage of pine pollen in various such medications has increased in recent years for the same reason.

3. For Body Building

Men have long shown interest in body shaping. More men have started to go to the gym, doing more logging, and taking their diet seriously. With more demand, more products have been introduced which help men to regain shape or maintain it. Pine pollen is a source of high-density natural phyto-androgens. This helps in the growth of muscles and body shaping. Intake of pine pollen also helps athletes in their performance due to the presence of testosterone.

4. For Headaches

Headaches are very common and, sometimes, could be severe. There are numerous causes of headaches like constant television watching, stress, lack of sleep, continuous thinking, etc. Individuals tend to take substances like tea or coffee which can provide temporary relief but intake of pine pollen has shown better results when taken.

5. Improved Immunity

With the increase in pollution and the intake of unhealthy food, the immune system of individuals is decreasing day by day. The number of foreign substances capable of harming our body is increasing which causes damage to our immunity. Incorporating healthy habits, along with intake of proper supplements, is an effective way of boosting our immunity and mitigating the likelihood of these diseases. Pine pollen constitutes of antioxidants which help the body in the removal of toxins and pathogens; in turn, boosting the body’s immune system.

6. For Infertility

Female infertility is a term used when a woman is not able to get pregnant and this might be a cause of stress or worry for the woman. The decrease in sexual desire might be one of infertility. Pine pollen has the capability to boost the desire with the release of antioxidants and hormones. Increase in desire would lead to an increase in sexual intercourse which could be a positive contributing factor for pregnancy.

7. For Chronic Pain And Inflammation

People tend to ignore the initial signs of pain which could then exacerbate and become chronic pain. Supplements with anti-inflammatory properties help in providing gradual relief from this pain. Pine pollen is one of the supplements that possesses this property due to the presence of gibberellins. Pine pollen also has the capability to inhibit cancerous cells because of gibberellins further improving one’s immunity.

8. Reduces Wrinkles

As people grow old they face change in hormones and hence, change in the firmness of tissues and muscles. This leads to formation of wrinkles, pigmentation, eyelids slacken, etc. Women and men try out numerous treatments as well as products to slow down this aging process. Removal of harmful free radicals is an important step here as these free radicals are the ones who extract the electrons from the skin, thus, damaging it. A very good supplement to take in order to reduce wrinkles would be pine pollen since it comprises of aminoxides that help to absorb or remove harmful free radicals.

9. For Erectile Problems

The rate of erectile dysfunction has been on the increase primarily due to stress and negative lifestyle changes. This leads to a lot of men feeling inadequate and worried. Pine pollen can bring out the best in men as it contains arginine acid which helps in erection. This acid also increases the sperm count in men along with blood circulation to the penis. Pine pollen is also rich in gibberellins which is similar to androgens and help in the performance of the prostate.

10. For Depression

People are caught in the day to day tasks and hardly get enough time for relaxation or enjoyment. This leads many people to a state of unhappiness and depression. With all its other benefits, pine pollen also contains phenylalanine which increases the dopamine level in the brain. An increase in dopamine level boosts one’s motivation and hence, reducing the likelihood of depression to an extent.

11. Multivitamin Supplement

Vitamin supplement is a must for many individuals as their body doesn’t receive all the vitamins/minerals from the food they eat. Furthermore, with age, the capability of the body to convert the food into proper nutrients also degrades. Pine pollen is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D2, D3, E as well as minerals like potassium, iron, copper, etc. Hence, pine pollen is a great substitute for many other supplements available in the market.

12. Viral Diseases

Many diseases like fever, cold and cough, measles, dengue are caused due to viruses that enter our body and affect different parts of it. These diseases tend to affect the body to a wider extent and, usually, individuals take minimum a week to recover from it. Pine pollen has anti-viral properties because of the presence of castasterone and brassinolide which are both brassinosteroids. People have experienced faster recovery with the intake of pine pollen.

13. For Digestive Problems

Having a good digestive system is one of the keys for having overall good health of the body as it is responsible for breaking the food into proteins, vitamins, and energy. Pine pollen has the ability to increase metabolism in the body with the release of its numerous amino acids and enzymes. Hence, helping to solve the problem of indigestion. Increased metabolism would also result in the burning of calories and maintaining optimal body weight.

14. Fights Diabetes

In recent times, there has been a steep increase in the number of people diagnosed with diabetes. Researches have shown that the major reason for this is the incapability of the body to maintain the glucose level in the body. The body’s tolerance towards an increase in glucose and insulin level is also decreasing because of numerous modern-day habits. Pine pollen has an amazing capability of increasing the tolerance towards the glucose and insulin levels. Hence, it would be an excellent substitute or adjunct for any other supplement especially if you are prone to being diabetic.

15. DHEA Supplement

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) produced by adrenal glands is a precursor which is very important for the creation of male and female sex hormones including testosterone and estrogen. As the body gets old, the ability of adrenal glands to produce DHEA decreases and this is the reason why there is a decrease in sexual desire in old people. DHEA is also responsible for maintaining bone density and muscle mass. With the intake of pine pollen, a proper level of DHEA can be maintained.


Word Of Caution
As pine pollen could cause allergic reactions, you should monitor your body’s reaction to it before increasing intake.