25 Uses And Benefits Of Babassu Oil

Babassu oil is obtained from the babassu palm tree (Attalea speciosa) – often via a cold-press of the babassu kernels. This oil is rich in numerous nutrients.

It is often used as cooking oil and has some similarities with coconut oil with respect to its chemical composition. Some of babassu oil’s physical properties, such as it’s subtle flavor, faster absorption, and lighter weight, make it more versatile and desirable than coconut oil.

Babassu oil has numerous health and therapeutic properties due to its various constituents such as lauric, myristic, oleic, stearic, and palmitic acids. It is also rich in vitamin E and numerous antioxidants.

Babassu Oil Nutritional Facts

Nutrition Facts
Amount Per Serving
Calories 884
% Daily Value
Total Fat 100g
Saturated Fat 81g
Trans Fat 0.0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 0mg
Total Carbohydrates 0g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 0g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%

Below are various uses and benefits of babassu oil;

1. Commercial Lotion Alternative

Keeping your skin soft and supple without commercial products can be a challenge. Babassu oil is known to seep into the skin without clogging pores (because of its comedogenic nature) and helps retain moisture content on the epidermis. It is also less messy as opposed to using petroleum jelly or other oils. It’s suitable for all skin types — from dry to oily — because it is an effective emollient.

2. Relieves Sunburns

In addition to being a great moisturizer, the babassu oil works well for soothing sunburns without any side effects. It reduces itching and peeling of the skin and relieves sunburn symptoms by replenishing the moisture levels of the skin. The oil is known to produce a mild cooling effect when it comes in contact with the skin.

3. As Lip Balm

Babassu oil, when applied to chapped lips, heals the skin as well as leaves them soft and supple that you wouldn’t need to use a commercial lip balm again! It decreases trans-epidermal water loss and hydrates the skin.

4. For Long Healthy Locks Of Hair

Just like its close relative, the coconut oil, the babassu oil is beneficial for shiny and strong hair when used at least 4 times a week. It’s organic and replenishing for damaged hair treatment by restoring its natural elasticity and health. It is suitable for all hair types from straight, curly and wavy.

5. A Natural Conditioner

When babassu oil is applied to the scalp, it ensures that dandruff is treated as it keeps the scalp healthy and hydrated enough to avoid dry skin breaking. The roots of the hair are also strengthened to reduce hair fall. Because babassu oil isn’t heavy and gets absorbed quickly, it does not cling to the scalp and it retains the moisture needed by the scalp cells.

6. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Babassu oil has healing properties and can be used to treat insect bites, plant rashes, and stings. It reduces rashes and relieves painful discomfort as well. This is a huge benefit and, as such, babassu oil should be part of your emergency medicine kit at all times.

7. As A Cooking Oil Alternative

With its rich content of Lauric acid, babassu oil is good for digestion and can kill harmful pathogens like viruses and bacteria. Hence, in addition to a boosted immunity, babassu oil helps with our organs’ well being too.

8. Rich Source Of Vitamin E

Babassu oil is a rich source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential for healthy nails, cuticles and is known to prevent premature aging of the skin. It helps in regenerating the skin tissues and also heals damaged skin in events of acne or rashes caused by skin flare-ups. Softening cuticles and strengthening your nails while leaving them bacteria-free is one of the prime reasons for using babassu oil.

9. Goodbye Stretch Marks

Stretch marks caused by weight gain or pregnancy can be a thing of the past if you use babassu oil regularly. Rub the oil in a circular motion into the skin where the light grey parallel lines have left a mark. You would see a noticeable change in less than 4 weeks.

10. Massage Oil

The babassu oil can soothe tired and sore muscles. When it is mixed with essential oils, it serves as the perfect massage oil. It is also used to treat skin diseases like eczema.

11. An Effective And Safe Makeup Remover

Babassu oil can be used to remove tough water-resistant makeup like a mascara leaving your skin soft and hydrated.

12. Homemade Deodorant

Mix babassu oil with baking soda, cornstarch, and essential oils for a do-it-yourself natural deodorant that keeps body odor at bay. This homemade deodorant is effective because of babassu oil’s antimicrobial property.

13. Boost Your Brain’s Health

Studies have shown that antioxidants, lauric acid and oleic acids (both of which is found in babassu oil) can help treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Frequent use of this oil can help boost the function of our brain’s grey cells.

14. Natural Wood Polish

Instead of using chemicals, try babassu oil to restore your furniture’s shine. It’s a non-toxic alternative to commercial wood polish.

15. Make Your Own Soaps And Scrubs

The milky aroma of babassu oil, when mixed with essential oils, makes an effective soap and scrub for a soft supple skin. Furthermore, babassu oil saponifies easily and can produce a hard bar with full lather.

16. Anti-Fungal Cream

Due to its antibiotic properties, babassu oil can be used to treat skin fungus. Apply some babassu oil to the infected area and let it soak into the skin. It can be used for treating athlete’s foot and toenail fungus infections.

17. For Treating Cold Sores

Applying the babassu oil to the cold sores in and around the mouth can soothe and heal the damaged skin.

18. For Treating Cracked Heels

Dry cracked heels can be rejuvenated with the use of the babassu oil. Try massaging this oil into your heels before sleeping at night. You would eventually restore the damaged skin in weeks.

19. Chewing Gum Remover

Using babassu oil to remove chewing gum that is stuck to your clothes is a practical use of this oil. Try this the next time you have gum stuck to your hair or clothes that you don’t want to get damaged or discolored from using chemical solutions.

20. For Treating Constipation

As the babassu oil helps the digestive system by inhibiting harmful bacteria, it also helps alleviate bloating and constipation.

21. As Lubricant

Get the rusted hinges and other metal parts moving again with the use of babassu oil. It is also used as a natural lubricant.

22. For Leather Shine

Use a dab of babassu oil to give your genuine leather materials a natural shin. The shelf life of this oil is typically 12 to 24 months and has to be stored in an airtight container away from direct sunlight.

23. Safe For Pets

Babassu oil helps fight dry skin, even for pets! It also works as a great fur conditioner. When topically applied, babassu oil can help heal dandruff, deodorize smelly coat, and treat small wounds and irritation. Babassu oil can also help improve your pet’s digestion, hormonal balance, and dental hygiene.

24. Cleaning Your Brushes

Bristles used for applying makeup need to be kept clean and bacteria-free. Babassu oil can help with just that thanks to its antibacterial properties.

25. Weight Management

Swapping cooking oil with babassu oil for baking, coffee, smoothies and salad dressing can help with weight management in the long run by boosting your metabolism. Babassu oil improves both brain function and cardiovascular health by improving cholesterol, balancing blood sugar level and increasing immunity. However, even though babassu oil is preferable to other cooking oil with respect to weight management, it is still recommended that one uses it in moderation.