12 Quality Home Remedies For Spider Bites

Note: If you are not sure if the spider that has bitten you is poisonous or not, seek medical advice immediately. Furthermore, if the spider that bit you is poisonous, ensure you seek immediate medical attention.

Spiders essentially do not bite to feed on humans. They bite for, more or less, defense purposes. Most species of spider bites, medically termed arachnidism, are of little concern. There are several ways to get rid of spiders from your house, yard or garden.

Such spider bites exhibit mild symptoms such as mild inflammation, pain, and itching. These symptoms can last for a few hours to a couple of days or weeks.

However, spider bites from poisonous spiders such as  brown recluse spider, black widow spider, red back spider, deadly funnel-web spider, or white tail spider could be severe and dangerous. It is advised you seek medical attention for such types of spider bites especially if you observe symptoms such as swelling, vomiting, muscle spasm, intense pain, difficulty in breathing and abdominal pain.

Here are some tips and good practices, to consider, when dealing with a spider bite;

  • Leave the unsafe vicinity of the spider bite.
  • You could use ice compress to relieve swelling and pain.
  • You could also clean the spider bite with soap and water.
  • Lastly, you may need immediate medical attention especially if it is a brown recluse or black widow spider that bit you.

Below are 12 natural home remedies and treatments for spider bites;

1. Peppermint Tea: Apply Fresh Peppermint Tea To Affected Area For 15 Minutes. Rinse Off Thereafter. Peppermint Exhibits Analgesic And Anti-Inflammatory Properties That Helps Reduce Pain, Swelling And Itching Of The Affected Area.


2. Salt: Thoroughly Rinse Bite Area With Salt Water. Salt Has Antiseptic And Anti-Inflammatory Properties. This Would Make The Salt Help Draw Out The Venom, Reduce Inflammation And Pain.


3. Activated Charcoal: Place A Paste Of Activated Charcoal Poultice To The Bite Wound. Activated Charcoal’s Absorption Property Would Help Draw Out The Spider’s Posion From Your Body. Once, The Venom Is Out, Inflammation And Pain Would Reduce.


4. Potato: Place Mashed Potato Poultice To The Cleaned Bite Wound. Potato Has Moisturizing, Anti-Irritating And Soothing Properties.


5. Aloe Vera: Apply Fresh Aloe Vera Gel To Bite Area. Aloe Vera Is A Natural Antiseptic With Potent Healing Properties. This Enables The Aloe Vera To Quicken The Healing Process, Reduce Pain, Itching And Swelling.


6. Aspirin: Apply A Paste Of Aspirin To The Spider Bite Area. Aspirin Would Help Neutralize The Venom And Help Reduce Inflammation Of The Bite Area.


7. Ice: Apply Wrapped Ice Pack To Wound Area After Cleaning The Bite Wound Area With Soap And Water. The Ice Would Numb The Nerve Endings, Reduce Inflammation And The Urge To Itch That Area.


8. Lemon: Apply Lemon Juice To Affected Spider Bite Area. Lemon Juice Is A Natural Astringent That Can Help Reduce Swelling Itching And Prevent Infections Due To The Spider Bite.


9. Witch Hazel: Apply Liquid Witch Hazel To Bite Area. Witch Hazel Is Well Known For Its Healing, Antioxidant And Astringent Properties.


10. Turmeric: Apply A Paste Of Turmeric Powder And Olive Oil To The Bite Area. Turmeric Is A Natural Painkiller With Antimicrobial And Anti-Inflammatory Properties. This Would Help Reduce Pain And Swelling Around The Spider Bite Area.


11. Lavender: Apply Lavender Oil To The Bite Area. Lavender Oil Helps To Hasten The Healing Process, Reduce Inflammation And Soreness.


12. Baking Soda: Apply Diluted Baking Soda To The Bite Area. The Alkaline Nature Of Baking Soda Would Help Draw Out The Venom, Reduce Itching, Inflammation And Pain.


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