13 Quality Home Remedies For Keloids

Keloids are enlarged scars that occur due to an anomalous growth of fibrous tissues. They are often irregularly shaped, have a smooth surface appearance and progressively increase in size.

Certain skin conditions such as skin injuries and diseases often lead to keloid scars in the future. Such skin conditions also include skin burns, acne, insect bite, chicken pox, and vaccination.

Below are 13 natural home remedies and treatments for keloids;

1. Tea Tree Oil: Gently Massage Tea Tree Oil On The Keloid Scar. Tea Tree Oil Has Antiseptic Properties That Are Beneficial To Keloid Treatment.


2. Aspirin: Apply A Paste Of Crushed Aspirin To The Scar. Aspirin Helps To Reduce The Scars Size And Appearance.


3. Apple Cider Vinegar: Apply Apple Cider Vinegar To The Keloid. Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Reduce The Redness And Size Of The Scar.


4. Petroleum Jelly: Apply Petroleum Jelly To The Keloid Scar. This Would Keep The Scar Well Moisturized. Keeping The Scar Moisturized Would Hasten The Scar Reduction Process.


5. Fuller’s Earth: Apply Paste Of Fuller’s Earth To Scarred Area. Wash Area Off With Cold Water After 20 Minutes. Fuller’s Earth Is Useful In Getting Rid Of Various Types Of Scars Including Keloids.


6. Sandalwood: Apply A Paste Of Sandalwood Powder And Rose Water To The Keloid Scar. Sandalwood Has Skin Regenerating Properties While Rose Water Is A Skin Toner.


7. Baking Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide: Apply A Paste Mixture Of Baking Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide To The Keloid. Baking Soda Is An Exfoliant And Can Be Used To Manage The Keloid’s Inflammation.


8. Aloe Vera: Apply Aloe Vera Gel To The Scar. Aloe Vera Would Help Prevent Infection, Help Reduce Inflammation And Keep The Skin Well Moisturized.


9. Garlic: Apply Garlic Oil To The Keloid Scar. Garlic Prevents Excessive Proliferation Of Fibroblast Which Could Lead To Keloid.


10. Onion: Apply Onion Juice To The Keloid Scar. Onion Juice Helps To Reduce Keloidal Scars And Other Hypertrophic Scars.


11. Honey: Apply Fresh Honey To The Scar. Honey Is A Natural Humectant. This Enables Honey To Retain Skin Moisture And Heal The Skin.


12. Lemon Juice: Apply Fresh Lemon Juice To The Scar. Rinse Off After 30 Minutes. Lemon Juice Is Rich In Antioxidants And Vitamin C Which Is Useful For Treating Keloid Scar.


13. Lavender Oil: Gently Massage The Area With Lavender Oil. Lavender Oil Helps Increase Skin Cell Turnover Rate Which, In Turn, Helps Prevent The Keloid Scar From Being Permanent. Lavender Oil Also Has Skin Rejuvenating Properties.


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