18 Quality Home Remedies For Diverticulitis Pain Relief

Diverticulitis occur when the diverticula (pouch-like formations) in the small or large intestine becomes inflamed. Although the exact cause is unknown, it is believed that straining the digestive tract lining during bowel movement could be a major risk factor.

Another suspected risk factor is consumption of low-fiber diet.

Symptoms of diverticulitis include diarrhea, stooling, nausea, bloating, and abdominal pain.

Below are 18 natural home remedies and treatments for diverticulitis pain relief;

1. Spicy Foods: Avoid Spicy Foods. Spicy Food Would Help Inflame The Irritated Parts Of The Colon. This Could Lead To A Longer Recovery Period.


2. Papaya: Consume Pawpaw (Papaya) And Pear. Papain, In Papaya, Aids In The Digestion Process By Cleansing The Intestinal Track From Blockages And Toxins. This Makes Papaya A Good Remedy For Diverticulitis Pain Relief. Pear Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties That Helps To Soothe The Intestinal Tract As Well As Reduce Irritations.


3. Relaxation: Relax Your Body. You Can Try Relaxation Techniques Such As Meditation, Yoga, Deep Breathing To Help Soothe Pain And Irritation Caused By Diverticulitis.


4. Slippery Elm: Take Slippery Elm. Slippery Elm Has Inflammation-Relieving Properties That Makes It Suitable To Soothe Irritated And Inflammed Tissues As Well As Provide Pain Relief And Facilitate The Healing Process.


5. Licorice: Take Licorice Tea. Licorice Has Anti-Spasmodic And Anti-Inflammatory Properties That Helps Reduce Irritations And Spasms In The Intestinal Tracts.


6. Marshmallow: Take Marshmallow Tea. It Has Anti-Inflammatory And Soothing Properties. Marshmellow Is Capable Of Soothing Inflammed Digestive Tracts As Well As Improve Bowel Movement.


7. High Fiber Food: Eat High-Fiber Foods. High Fiber Food Would Help Provide Bulk To Your Stool And Also Soften Your Stool.


8. Garlic: Consume Garlic. Garlic Is A Potent Natural Antibiotic And Helps In The Digestion Process.


9. Hot Compress: Use Hot Compress Or Heat Pad Over The Abdomen. Hot Compress Would Help Soothe And Reduce The Abdominal Pain Caused Due To Diverticulitis.


10. Aloe Vera: Consume Aloe Vera. It Has Laxative, Soothing And Anti-Inflammatory Properties. These Properties Help Stimulate Proper Bowel Movement As Well As Stabilize Intestinal Flora. Aloe Vera Also Helps To Boost The Immune System.


11. Water: Drink Water And Stay Hydrated. Consuming Excess Water Helps To Flush Out Excess Toxins From The Tract As Well As Soften Material In The Colon.


12. Laxatives: Avoid Using Laxatives. Excessive Or Long Use Of Laxatives Could Cause Side Effects Such As Abdominal Bloating, Flatulence, And Abdominal Gas Which Could Trigger Diverticulitis Due To Increased Pressure On The Colon By Gas. Thus Opt For Natural Laxatives Instead.


13. Nuts: Eat Nuts, Seeds And Corn. A Study Has Shown That Having Nuts In Your Diet Could Help Reduce Symptoms Of Diverticulitis. (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/article-abstract/1028647)


14. Potatoes: Consume Potatoes. It Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties. This Anti-Inflammatory Property Helps To Reduce Intestinal Tract Inflammations And Irritations Caused By Diverticulitis And Also Help Soothe The Colon.


15. Barley: Eat Barley. Barley Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties That Makes It Suitable For Diverticulitis Relief.


16. Oregano: Add Oregano To Meals As Spice. Oregano Has Potent Antibacterial And Antimicrobial Properties That Help Improve The Health Of The Digestive Tract As Well As Fight Infections Within The Tract.


17. Yogurt: Consume Yogurt. It Is A Good Probiotic. Probiotics Are Basically Living Cultures That Help Maintain Good Health And Flora In The Intestine. The Also Aid In The Digestive Process.


18. Brown Rice: Eat Brown Rice. Brown Rice Has Anti-Spasmodic And Anti-Inflammatory Properties That Aid In Reducing Spasm In The Colon As Well As Reduce Irritations In The Intestinal Tract. Thus, It Is Better To Substitute Brown Rice For White Rice Especially If You Have Diverticulitis.


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