20 Quality Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Excess Mucus And Phlegm

Phlegm and excess mucus often accompanies cold and other upper respiratory ailments. While not very serious, if phlegm is not cleared properly, it could lead to discomfort and other upper respiratory infections.

Mucus plays an important role in the body. Mucus helps lubricate a number of maxillofacial linings such as the mouth, nose, sinuses, throat, lungs and gastrointestinal tract linings. Mucus also contains antibodies that help to keep bacteria and viruses from invading the body.

However, infections, allergies and smoking irritations can make the body produce excess mucus as it tries to protect our body.

Below are 20 natural home remedies and treatments for excess mucus and phlegm in the chest and lungs;

1. Ginger: Drink Ginger Tea Or Add Ginger As Spice To Foods. Ginger Is A Natural Nasal Decongestant. It Also Has Antiviral And Antimicrobial Properties.


2. Cherry Bark: Drink Wild Cherry Bark Tea. Wild Cherry Bark Has Expectorant Properties That Make It Good For Expelling Phlegm From The Body.


3. Take Lemon Juice: Lemon Has Antimicrobial Properties And Vitamin C That Helps Fight The Infection And Bolster Our Immune System.


4. Avoid Smoking: Smoking Irritates The Throat And Could Worsen The Upper Respiratory Ailment That Causes Excess Mucus Production.


5. Blow Your Nose Properly.


6. Oregano Oil: Take A Few Drops Of Oregano Oil Or Add To Meals Or Consume Oregano Oil Capsules. Oregano Oil Has Anti-Inflammatory, Antimicrobial And Expectorant Properties.


7. Chicken Soup: Eat Warm Chicken Soup. Warm Chicken Soup Would Help Make The Phlegm Less Viscous, So That It Can Be Blown Away, And Help Clear Irritated Throats. (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/359266)


8. Salt Water: Gargling Salt Water Helps Clear Irritated Throat From Phlegm. The Salt Helps Kill Bacteria Causing The Infection. Thus Reducing The Production Of Phlegm.


9. Turmeric: Drink Turmeric Mixed In Water. Turmeric Has Antiseptic And Antibacterial Properties That Help Reduce Phlegm Production By Killing The Micro-Organisms Causing Excess Mucus Production.


10. Steam Inhalation: Steam Inhalation Can Help Rid The Body Of Phlegm By Making Them Less Viscous And Easy To Blow Away.


11. Licorice: Drink Licorice Decoction Or Tea. Licorice Reduces Phlegm Production And Soothes Irritated Or Sore Throats.


12. Spikenard Root: Drink Spikenard Root Tea. Spikenard Root Has Antiseptic, Diaphoretic (Induces Perspiration) And Depurative (Body Detoxifying) Properties That Makes It Suitable For Phlegm Expulsion.


13. Grape: Drink Diluted Grape Juice. Grape Has Expectorant Properties That Makes It Suitable For Phlegm Expulsion.


14. Onion: Take Diluted Onion Juice Intermittently. Onion Has Expectorant Properties. This Makes It Suitable For The Expulsion Of Phlegm. Onion Also Has Antibiotic And Anti-Inflammatory Properties That Help Boost The Immune System.


15. Carrots: Eat Carrots Or Take Carrot Juice. Carrots Are Rich In Vitamin C, A Potent Antioxidant That Boosts The Immune System. Carrots Are Also Rich In Other Vitamins And Minerals That Reduce Symptoms Of Cold And Cough Such As Phlegm.


16. Horehound: Drink Horehound Leaf Tea To Soothe Irritated Throats And Aid In Phlegm Relief.


17. Couch Grass: Drink Couch Grass Tea. Couch Grass Soothes The Throat And Acts As An Expectorant For Expulsion Of Phlegm. Couch Grass Is Also A Natural Antibacterial And Has High Mucilage.


18. Cayenne Pepper: Consume Cayenne Pepper Or Add To Food As Spice. Cayenne Pepper Helps Release Highly Viscous Mucus From The Body. Also, Capsaicin, In Cayenne Pepper, Helps Relieve Pain In Chest And Irritated Throat.


19. Bay Leaf: Drink Bay Leaf Tea For Instant Relief.


20. Honey: Drink A Mixture Of Honey And Water. Honey Has Antiviral And Antimicrobial Properties That Helps Soothe Irritated Throat And Reduce Phlegm Production. Honey Also Has Healing Properties That Helps Boost The Immune System.


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