30 Quality Home Remedies For Dry or Damaged Hair

Hair can get damaged for a variety of reasons. these reasons include using harsh alcohol or soap or shampoo, poor nutrition, use of heat dryers, exposure to hot and dry climate, exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays, swimming in chlorinated water, lack of hair moisturizing, and stress.

Below are 30 natural home remedies and treatments for dry or damaged hair;

1. Avocado: Massage Avocado Paste Into Hair And Scalp. Avocado Coats And Softens The Hair And Keeps It Hydrated And Supple. Avocado Also Nourishes The Hair As It Is Rich In Natural Oils, Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins And Minerals. Avocado Is Also Rich In Antioxidants That Protect The Hair And Scalp From Harmful Free Radicals.


2. Butter: Apply Butter To Get A Good Hair Sheen.


3. Shea Butter: Apply Shea Butter To Hair. Shea Butter Is A Natural Conditioner And It Also Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties For Treating Irritated Hair. Shea Butter Also Acts As A Protective Layer For Hair Against Harmful UV Rays.


4. Ghee: Apply Ghee Butter To Hair. Ghee Butter Is Rich In Fats And Helps Prevent Hair Loss, Dry Hairs And Split Hairs.


5. Egg And Olive Oil: Apply Blend Of Raw Egg And Olive Oil To Hair. Rinse Off After 1 Hour. Eggs Provide Protein Nutrients And Nourishment To The Hair And Scalp. This Nourishes Both The Hair Strands And Scalp. Furthermore, Enzymes In Egg White Have Cleansing Properties That Cleanses The Hair Roots And Scalp.


6. Yogurt: Apply Yogurt Paste To Hair. Rinse Off After 45 Minutes. Yogurt Has Natural Moisturizing And Conditioning Properties That Makes It Good For Dry Or Damaged Hair.


7. Essential Oil: Massage Hair With Hot Essential Oils. Essential Oil Nourishes The Hair, Softens It And Helps To Maintain The Hair’s Shine And Bounce.


8. Honey: Massage Hair With A Blend Of Honey And Olive Oil. Rinse Off After 30 Minutes. Honey Has Humectant Properties That Locks In Hair Cuticle’s Moisture. Honey Also Nourishes Hair And Keeps Hair Soft And Healthy.


9. Olive Oil: Lubricate And Moisturize Hair With Olive Oil. Olive Oil Is Rich In Antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids And Vitamin E. Olive Oil’s Humectant Properties Retains The Hair Cuticle’s Moisture. Thus, Healing The Hair And Also Preventing Future Damage.


10. Coconut Oil: Apply Coconut Oil To Hair. Coconut Oil Is Rich In Nutrients That Nourishes And Repairs Hair Cuticles And Inhibits Any Further Hair Damage.


11. Sesame Oil: Apply Sesame Oil To Hair. Sesame Oil Is Rich In Antioxidants In The Form Of Vitamins And Minerals That Protects The Hair From Harmful Free Radicals. That Is What Makes This Nourishing Oil A Great Home Remedy For Dry Or Damaged Hair.


12. Tea Oil: Moisturize Hair With Tea Oil. Tea Tree Oil Has Potent Antibacterial And Antifungal Properties That Helps Treat Itchy Infected Hair And Scalp. Tea Tree Oil Is Also A Natural Conditioner.


13. Castor Oil: Apply Castor Oil To Hair. Castor Oil Is A Potent Hair Treatment Oil. It Is Used To Treat Dandruff, Split Hair, Dry Hair, Damaged Hair, Hair Loss And Hair Breakage.


14. Sandalwood: Nourish Hair With Sandalwood Hair Tonic.


15. Lavender Oil: Apply Lavender Oil To Hair.


16. Rosemary Oil: Nourish Hair With Rosemary Oil.


17. Herbal Tea: Rinse Hair With Herbal Tea (Green Tea, Black Tea, Chamomile Tea). Herbal Tea Are Rich In Vitamin C, Vitamin E And Polyphenols That Soften Hair And Keep Hair Healthy.


18. Aloe Vera: Apply Aloe Vera To Hair. Aloe Vera Has Healing And Humectant Properties That Heals, Soothes And Softens The Hair. Aloe Vera Also Contains Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids And Enzymes That Nourishes The Hair And Keeps It Healthy.


19. Banana And Egg: Massage Hair And Scalp With A Blend Of Banana And Egg. Rinse After 30 Minutes. Banana Is Rich In Potassium, Natural Oils And Moisture That Helps Keep The Hair Vibrant And Elastic.


20. Coconut Oil And Honey: Apply A Blend Of Coconut Oil And Honey To Hair. Rinse After 20 Minutes.


21. Beer: Condition Hair With Beer.


22. Sage: Use Sage Tea To Rinse Hair.


23. Comfrey: Rinse Hair With Comfrey Tea.


24. Mayonnaise: Massage Hair With Mayonnaise. Rinse Thereafter. Mayonnaise Is Rich In Fat And Proteins And Nourishes Both The Hair And The Scalp. Mayonaise Helps Keep The Hair Healthy, Soft And Shiny.


25. Curry Leaf: Rinse Hair With Curry Leaf Tea. Curry Leaf Is Rich In Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamins And Iron That Makes It Capable Of Nourishing The Hair And Treating Dry And Damaged Hair.


26. Shampoo Usage: Reduce Frequency Of Shampoo Usage. Excessive Use Of Shampoo Would Dry Off The Scalp From Its Natural Oil (Sebum) And Worsen Your Dry And Damaged Hair Condition.


27. Hair Drying: Avoid Drying Your Hair With Heat.


28. Apple Cider Vinegar: Rinse Hair With Dilute Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Cleanse Sticky Residue From The Hair As Well As Stabilizing The Ph Level Of The Scalp. Apple Cider Vinegar Also Promotes Hair Growth And Keeps Hair Soft And Shiny.


29. Diet: Maintain A Healthy Diet. Maintaining A Healthy Diet Is The Most Important Factor To Having A Healthy Looking Hair, Scalp And Skin. Eat Foods Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamins, Minerals And Other Essential Fatty Acids.


30. Hair Colorants: Avoid Using Permanent Hair Colorants. Hair Colors Can Irritate The Hair Which Can Cause The Scalp To Become Inflammed. This Could Damage The Hair Cuticles.


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