How To Get Rid Of Dry And Chapped Lips – 17 Home Remedies

Chapped, cracked, or dry lips are quite common, especially in dry, cold seasons. This kind of lip condition could be unsightly and painful.

Common symptoms of chapped and dry lips include; redness of lips, lip cracking, flaking or scaling of lips, and sore or tender lips.

Major causes of dry or chapped lips include; dehydration, continual licking of lips, using harsh cosmetic products on lips, smoking, excessive exposure to sun, allergic reaction, dry cold, dry heat, and improper care of the lips.

Here are some tips and good practices, to consider, when dealing with dry, cracked and chapped lips;

  • Ensure you are always hydrated. Drink adequate amount of water all day.
  • You could consider the use of a sunscreen based moisturizer, chapstick or lip balm on your lips to keep dry and chapped lips at bay.
  • Strive to apply lip balm on your lips before going to bed.
  • Avoid biting or licking your lips.
  • Avoid peeling off dried lips as such action could exacerbate into a sore or open wound.
  • You could use humidifiers indoors to help moisten your indoor atmosphere.

Below are natural treatments and home remedies for treating dry and chapped lips;

1. Petroleum jelly is a classic cure for chapped lips.

Some would even argue that it’s the most effective one. In any case, it’s easy to use: apply some to your lips, several times a day, and you’re good to go. You can also add a coat of honey beforehand so that the jelly is easier to apply; in this case, use the remedy twice a day. Be sure to keep the honey and jelly while you sleep. Then remove it with a cotton ball that has been placed in warm water in the morning.

2. Sugar doesn’t just make dessert sweet: it’s also excellent for cracked lips.

Sugar works because it will get rid of all the dead cells that can be found on your lips. To use sugar as a remedy, mix two teaspoons of sugar with one teaspoon of honey, forming a paste. Apply this paste to your lips and wait a few minutes. Next, rub the paste into your now soft lips —this will loosen the dead cells on the lips— and wash it off using lukewarm water thereafter.

3. Much like sugar, brown sugar is also a solution for cracked lips.

Mix half a cup of the brown sugar with two tablespoons of either almond or olive oil, then apply the mixture to your lips. This will prevent them from becoming cracked in the future.

4. Milk cream is an effective remedy because it contains high amounts of fat.

Milk cream is easy to use as a remedy. Simply apply the milk cream on your lips Then wash it off after ten minutes using a cotton ball or swab that’s been moistened with lukewarm water. This remedy will be effective if performed once daily.

5. Honey will also work well on its own.

This is because not only will honey moisturize your skin, but it’s also ideal for soothing skin and fighting against bacteria. In fact, honey has a whole host of benefits when it comes to skincare: it is an emollient (i.e., it will soften and soothe the skin); it’s a humectant (i.e., it will hydrate your skin and preserve moisture);    and its antioxidant properties ensure that it will help reduce the appearance of aging.

When it comes to honey, you have a choice: you can apply some (preferably organic) onto your lips several times every day, or you can combine it with glycerin to make a paste that you’ll put on your lips before you go to sleep.

6. Lemon juice will help hydrate your cracked lips.

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and would also help to rejuvenate and lighten the lips. In order to use it, simply mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with a teaspoon of honey —which will revitalize the skin on your lips— and half a teaspoon of castor oil.

7. Castor oil would help you lubricate and hydrate your lips.

To use castor oil, you only need to put some of the oil on your lips several times every day. Alternatively, mix a teaspoon of the oil with a teaspoon of glycerin and a little bit of lemon juice. The result will be a mixture that you can put on your lips every night before bed. Let the mixture stay overnight, then wash it off when you wake up by using a cotton ball that’s been moistened with lukewarm water.

8. Cocoa butter would help moisturize and nourish chapped lips.

For this remedy, simply place a bit of the butter on your lips before bedtime, and leave it there while you sleep. It should take only a few days for your lips to start getting better. Cocoa butter —as well as shea butter, peanut butter, and yogurt, which are used in the same fashion as remedies— work on chapped lips because they contain fatty acids that will hydrate your dry skin.

9. Glycerin is also an effective remedy for chapped lips.

We already mentioned that glycerin can be used in combination with other substances to deal with chapped lips, but it’s also effective on its own. To use it, simply apply it to your lips multiple times a day.

10. Cucumber is an easy solution for chapped lips.

Cucumber will soften and moisten your lips, preventing them from becoming chapped in the near future. You can add some cucumber juice, or, if you prefer, hold a slice over the area for a little while.

11. Baking soda can help you with cracked lips.

This remedy works because baking soda works as an exfoliant, which will slough off dead skin cells. To use this remedy, you’ll have to mix several ingredients together: 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 2 teaspoons of sugar, and 2 teaspoons of olive or jojoba oil, along with a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract. The last ingredient is there to improve the taste, as it’s the other three which will help you exfoliate the skin on your lips.

12. Almond oil will help your lips because it contains vitamins A and E.

These vitamins are known for fighting against harmful free radicals, which are reactive oxygen molecules that can damage skin. You can use this remedy by applying almond oil to your lips a few times a day.

13. Beautiful rose petals will help you with your skin problems.

You can use rose petals —which work on chapped lips because they will moisturize the area, as well as maintain the lip’s color— by washing them in water, then letting them soak in milk (or, if you have a dairy allergy, glycerin) for a few hours. Make a paste from this substance, and then apply that paste to your lips three or four times daily, including before you go to sleep.

14. Green tea bags will assist you in the fight against cracked lips.

These work because of the nutrients, such as tannins and antioxidants, that are contained in green tea bags. In addition, they may even eliminate the burning feeling associated with dried lips. You can use green tea bags as a remedy once a day. To use a tea bag, simply dip a green tea bag in hot water. Then, strain the water out from the tea bag and place the tea bag against your lips, and hold it in place for a few minutes.

15. Lukewarm ghee (a type of clarified butter from India) is a useful remedy.

You can stop your lips from cracking by simply placing some ghee on your lips. Ghee, or clarified butter, helps to moisturize the lips and nourishes the lips. For this remedy, you can warm a drop of ghee and apply to the lips especially before going to bed.

16. Aloe vera gel will help you with your chapped lips.

You might already know that it’s good for burns. Well, aloe vera is effective for chapped lips because of the same reason it is effective for burns; it’s great for healing and soothing damaged skin. Simply apply some aloe vera gel to your lips every day to make the most of this gel. Also, keep in mind that it doesn’t taste very good.

17. Coconut oil is a great choice for chapped lips.

Coconut oil doesn’t just moisturize hair, it also moisturizes chapped lips. You only need to apply this oil directly onto your lips several times a day; it shouldn’t take long for your lips to stop becoming chapped. You can also consider using olive oil in place of coconut oil.