30 Home Remedies To Treat Enlarged Prostate (BPH)

Enlarged prostate, also known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), is a condition that affects mostly men who are 50 years or older. BPH is not the same as prostate cancer and it does not raise your risk of having prostate cancer.

The main cause of BPH is unknown. However, factors linked to aging and changes in testicular cells may affect the growth of the prostate gland. Other risk factors that could increase the likelihood of having enlarged prostate include; obesity, heart disease, family history, and diabetes.

Common symptoms of enlarged prostate include; increased frequency of urination at night, a sensation of incomplete bladder emptying, dribbling at the end of urination, a weak urine system, and a frequent urge to urinate.

Due to the fact that an enlarged prostate tends to block the flow of urine out of the bladder, it could lead to complications such as urinary tract infections (UTI), urinary retention, kidney damage, blood in urine, and bladder stone.

Some interesting facts about enlarged prostate are;

  • The tendency of having an enlarged prostate increases as you get older.
  • An enlarged prostate is so common that it is believed every man would have it if they live long enough. More than 90% of men above the age of 80 have the condition.
  • No apparent risk factors have been identified other than having normally functioning testicles.

Here are some tips and good practices, to consider, when dealing with enlarged prostate symptoms;

  • Urinate when you feel the urge. Also, have a schedule for urinating even if you do not feel the urge.
  • Avoid alcohol especially after dinner.
  • Do not consume a large quantity of fluid in one sitting. Spread consumption of fluids throughout the day.
  • Avoid drinking fluids within 2 or 3 hours of your bedtime.
  • Stay warm and have an exercising schedule. Cold weather and physical inactivity tend to worsen the symptoms.
  • Avoid stressful situations. Anxiety could increase your urge to urinate.

Below are 30 home remedies and natural treatments for enlarged prostate;

1. Kegel Exercise (Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise)

Kegel exercises are the best and effective way to ease enlarged prostate symptoms. It helps in strengthening the pelvic muscles that help in reducing discomfort associated with the condition. The clench specific muscles get toned and help in controlling and easing urination.

Start by lying on the floor. Make sure you empty your bladder before doing this exercise. Now bend your knees apart and tighten your pelvic muscles (the muscles that you use to stop your urine). Stay in this position for a few seconds and relax. Repeat it 15-20 times every day to ease the symptoms. Avoid doing it if you have chronic pelvic pain syndrome or chronic prostatitis.

2. Sitz Bath

Sitz bath is great for easing enlarged prostate. It helps in soothing the area and reduces swelling by relaxing the pelvic muscles. Just add half a cup of Epsom salt in a tub filled with warm water. Also, prepare another tub with cold water and a little lavender essential oil. Then, sit for 3 minutes in the hot water tub followed by sitting in the cold water tub for 1 minute. Repeat it for 2 more times. Make sure you sit in the cold water tub at the end of the process. Using this remedy several times, in a week, would give beneficial results.

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes have a beneficial role in improving the health of your prostate. They contain a substance, called lycopene, which is an antioxidant with great healing properties. Including tomatoes in your diet will not only deal with the enlarged prostate but also kill cancer-causing cells that lead to prostate cancer. You may drink a glass of tomato juice regularly or use tomato puree in cooking.

4. Make Dietary Changes

Making certain changes in your diet would have an increased effect in easing your enlarged prostate symptoms naturally. It is important to eat a diet high in nutrition value and low in starches. Include fishes that are high in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Omega-3 fatty acids help in reducing inflammation thereby relieving discomfort and pain. Always use polyunsaturated fat for cooking. Eat vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, red bell peppers, Brussels sprout and kale to maintain good prostate health.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has powerful astringent properties that aid in shrinking the swelling of the prostate gland. It also reduces the urinary tract infections associated with enlarged prostate. Take 1-2 tbsp of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar and add it to a glass of water. Also, add a little honey and drink it twice every day to promote prostate health. You may also add a cup of the vinegar in your bathtub and soak your body in it, for 10-12 minutes, to ease the discomfort.

6. Aerobic And Resistance Exercises

Physical activities can help in minimizing urinary problems which are common in an enlarged prostate. It may help you maintain an ideal weight and get rid of the symptoms. Perform aerobic exercises such as running, jogging, playing tennis or basketball and walking every day. Resistance exercises strengthen and tone the pelvic muscles which in turn reduces inflammation. Do weight lifting, push-ups and swimming, for at least 30 minutes, several times in a week to alleviate enlarged prostate symptoms.

7. Stinging Nettle

It is a great ingredient to shrink an enlarged prostate and reduce BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) symptoms. It also has a diuretic action on the body that induces the inflammatory wastes to eliminate through urination.

Take a cup of hot water and add a tsp of dried leaves of stinging nettle. Let it steep for 8-10 minutes and strain it. Drink the concoction 2-3 times every day. Stinging nettle supplements are also available and can be taken in regular dosage of 300mg per day but make sure you consult a doctor before starting on the supplement to know the suitability.

8. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain phytosterols that help in shrinking the swollen prostate in a natural way. Pumpkin seeds could also prevent the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from testosterone. High DHT is associated with enlargement of the prostate. Hence, pumpkin seeds are a great remedy to deal with an enlarged prostate. Take 80 grams of raw, baked or powdered pumpkin seeds every day.

9. Zinc Supplements

Zinc is present in the cells of the prostate and protects it from an inflammation. Zinc is also essential for the cell growth and immune response of the body. Eat foods that are high in zinc, for example, fortified breakfast cereal, yogurt, crabs, oysters, cashews, and beans. You may also take a zinc supplement of 90mg per day divided into 3 doses of 30mg each.

10. Corn Silk

Corn silk would help in relaxing the urinary muscles and its lining thereby easing urination. It is a powerful diuretic and would help in easing the symptoms, of an enlarged prostate, in an incredible way. Take the silk of 6 ears of corn (fresh ones) and add it to 4 cups of water. Boil it and put on simmer for 10 more minutes. Strain it and drink 3 cups of the tea every day for satisfactory results.

11. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that help in maintaining prostate health. Flaxseed reduces the inflammation and eases discomfort. Roast some flaxseeds and grind them with the help of a grinder. Add the powdered flaxseeds in your curries, cooked vegetables or yogurt to reap the benefits.

12. Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon seeds are another great remedy for enlarged prostate. Simply take out some seeds of a watermelon and boil them in a cup of water. Remove from the heat and steep for a few minutes. Strain it and drink the concoction. Do this every day and you will start seeing improvement after a few days.

13. Garlic

Besides its numerous health benefits, garlic also aids in treating an enlarged prostate. Extract some juice of fresh garlic cloves. Take 2 parts of the juice and mix it with one part of honey. Put this mixture in a glass of lukewarm water and stir well. Consume it 2 times daily before breakfast and before going to bed.

14. Bee Pollen

Bee pollen has been used in Europe for many years to treat an enlarged prostate. It reduces inflammation in a natural way and shrinks the swollen prostate gland. Bee pollen can also reduce the frequency of urination and relieve you of your enlarged prostate symptoms. However, it is advised to consult your doctor to know the suitability of bee pollen for your body. Some people may undergo allergic reaction with its use.

15. Saw Palmetto

The ripe fruits of the plant is an excellent remedy for BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) and enlarged prostate. It alleviates the discomfort due to its diuretic properties. Saw palmetto promotes better urine flow and reduces pain during urination. It also possesses an anti-inflammatory property that assists in minimizing inflammation in the prostate gland. You may drink it as a tea or use the liquid extract. Saw palmetto capsules are also an easy way to treat an enlarged prostate.

16. Basil

Basil is known for its high medicinal value and numerous health benefits. It can also be used to treat an enlarged prostate. Basil reduces inflammation in a natural way alleviating the associated pain and discomfort. Extract some juice of fresh basil leaves and consume 1-2 teaspoons of it on a regular basis. You may also use powdered basil in your cooking to add it to your diet.

17. Sesame Seeds

Soak some sesame seeds overnight and chew them in the morning. It will help in treating the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Sesame seeds are also a great remedy for preventing prostate cancer.

18. Green Tea

Studies show that green tea is an excellent remedy for enlarged prostate. It not only helps in controlling frequent urination but also reduces the risk of prostate cancer. The high level of antioxidants present in it promotes healing while checking the growth of cancer cells. Sip a few cups of green tea every day to easily treat prostate problems.

19. Carrot Juice

Drinking a glass of carrot juice every day is known to ease the discomfort associated with the condition. Simply wash and dice a few carrots and extract its juice. You may also mix it with other juices, such as beetroot or spinach juice, to gain more benefits. According to various studies, carrots have an ability to reduce the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate in a natural way. It also fights prostatitis and prostate cancer.

20. Coffee

The risk of enlarged prostate is seen to be low among individuals who consumed more than 6 cups of coffee each day. Therefore, consuming coffee can help you get rid of the symptoms. Even though coffee can prevent enlargement of the prostate gland and other related issues, it is suggested not to exceed the recommended amount of coffee intake as it can trigger other health issues.

21. Water

Water may assist urination when it becomes difficult to pass out urine due to an enlarged prostate. Consumption of water increases the total flow during urination thereby easing the symptoms and related discomfort. Water also helps in flushing out toxins and deals with infections of the prostate naturally. Therefore, keeping yourself hydrated by drinking more water throughout the day is recommended if you have an enlarged prostate gland.

22. Indian Gooseberries

Indian gooseberries are beneficial for the health in many ways. They can be mixed with honey and turmeric to deal with an enlarged prostate naturally and effectively. Take 10-15 Indian gooseberries and de-seed them. Slice them and grind them. Now add a little turmeric powder and 2 teaspoons of honey and mix well. Consume one tablespoon of this recipe every morning.

23. Triphala Powder

Triphala powder is readily available and can be used to treat the enlarged prostate. It has been used in Ayurveda for many years to reduce the discomfort associated with prostate issues. Boil 250 ml of water in a pan and add a tablespoon of Triphala powder in it. Mix well and boil it for another 20 minutes. Stain it in a cup and sip the concoction when it is still warm.

24. Quercetin

Quercetin is a flavonoid usually found in apples, capers, and onions. Quercetin aids in naturally inhibiting the growth of prostate cells thereby preventing enlargement of the gland. Studies show that this flavonoid, quercetin, helps in relieving symptoms of prostatitis in an excellent way. Consuming foods that provide the body with quercetin, such as apples and onions, would greatly help in easing the discomfort.

25. Ryegrass Pollen

Three types of grass are used to make the extract of ryegrass pollen. These are rye, corn, and Timothy. Studies show that ryegrass pollen is effective in improving the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. It is particularly useful for patients who need to suddenly wake up at the night to use the bathroom. The extract also eases urination and promotes complete evacuation of urine from the bladder.

26. Soy-Based Foods

Soy-based products have a great capability of slowing down the production of the hormone, testosterone, in the body. Since high testosterone is a contributing factor for prostate cancer growth, soy-based foods help in reducing the risk. Include soy products such as soy milk, soybean oil, soybean flour, and tofu in your daily diet.

27. Turmeric Root

Curcumin, in turmeric, possesses great anti-inflammatory properties that would help in reducing inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland. Turmeric is also known for effective treatment of cancer and risk reduction by many other ailments.

Take a turmeric root and clean it thoroughly. Now boil some water and add a few slices of the root into it. Boil it for a few minutes and remove from heat. Add a teaspoon of honey to enhance the taste and sip it slowly. You may also consume turmeric by mixing powdered turmeric in a glass of milk. Drink it on a regular basis for a fast and effective result.

28. Pygeum

Pygium is derived from the bark of Prunus Africana and can be used as a powerful agent to deal with an enlarged prostate. It will ease the symptoms by reducing the frequent urge to urinate. It also regularizes the flow of urine alleviating discomfort in a natural way. Although pygeum does not cause any side effects, some individuals may observe mild stomach issues with its use.

29. Goldenseal

Goldenseal is another excellent herb that helps in dealing with prostate issues due to its bioactive constituent called berberine. It is not only helpful in reducing swelling in the prostate gland but also effectively treat infections of the prostate. The antibacterial properties of goldenseal naturally eradicate infection-causing bacteria and keep your prostate healthy. It also has a diuretic effect which is great for easing frequent urination and difficulty while urinating.

30. African Potato

African potato, also known as Hypoxis hemerocallidea, is also a good remedy for enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hypertrophy. African potato exhibits anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-convulsant properties that make it a potent remedy. You can purchase this herb, its extract or supplement from numerous natural health stores.