How To Get Rid Of A Black Eye Fast – 18 Home Remedies

A black eye is caused by the bleeding of tissues around the eye. This is most often caused by a blow or some sort of trauma to the eye. This sort of bruising is medically termed ecchymosis.

Black eye could be accompanied by symptoms such as; swelling of the affected region, headache, blurry vision, and pain.

Here are some tips and good practices, to consider, when dealing with a black eye;

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes as this could exacerbate the pain.
  • Ensure you get a lot of sleep and rest to hasten the healing process.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water. This would also hasten the healing process.
  • Strive to keep your head elevated in order to reduce any swelling.
  • Avoid using makeup around the affected area, especially if there is still swelling, as this could irritate the affected area.

Below are natural ways to get rid of a black eye quickly;

1. Vitamin C

Apart from warding off colds and flu, vitamin C plays an integral part in the healing of a black eye. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen and most importantly thickens the walls of the blood vessels. If you have a black eye, you should consume foods rich in vitamin C such as lemons, oranges, limes, broccoli, Indian gooseberries, and mangoes. Alternatively, take vitamin C supplements as advised by your doctor.

2. Arnica

Arnica oil is an important pillar in alternative medicine. It can effectively treat joint pains, sprains, bruises, wounds, muscle aches, and more. Furthermore, it’s packed with flavonoids which help to alleviate pain and inflammation. When you apply the oil on the black eye, it hastens the healing of the damaged tissues. The herb is available in the form of ointments and creams. Apply the oil 2-3 times a day.

3. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is an old folk remedy for a black eye in Chinese medicine. Ideally, pepper contains capsaicin compound which helps to treat skin discoloration. Furthermore, since cayenne is rich in vitamin C, it will remove any dried blood that may have accumulated under the skin. First, mix one tsp of cayenne with five teaspoons of Vaseline. Spread the resulting mixture on the problem area then wipe with a cotton cloth after 30-45 minutes. Make sure the mixture does not enter into the eye, but if it does wash with warm water immediately. Use the mixture two to three times a day.

4. Cucumber

Cucumber is loaded with vitamin K and antioxidants which are essential for vascular circulation. Furthermore, cucumber works as a cooling agent thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. To reduce the swelling and dark circles, cut a fresh cucumber and put it in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. Then, place the cooled slices on the eyes for 10 minutes. You’ll feel a cooling and refreshing effect. For best results, repeat the procedure at regular intervals every day.

5. Comfrey Roots

Comfrey roots contain allantoin molecules that stimulate cell growth to fix the damaged skin. To make a paste, grind some comfrey root and mix with water in the ratio of 2:1. Then, spread the paste on the affected area and wash off after 5-10 minutes. Another way is to boil one tablespoon of comfrey root in 500ml water, dip a cotton cloth and apply on the bruised area for 10 minutes. Make sure you don’t use the herb on the skin more than once a day.

6. Cold Compress

When you apply cold compress on your black eye, you’ll lower the temperature in the problem area. Furthermore, cold compress makes the area numb, thus, reducing pain and swelling. Simply fill a washcloth with ice and press on the dark area for 20-30 minutes. Use a cold compress, frequently, for the first 24 hours after the injury. You could also try a cold spoon or a bag of frozen peas.

7. Warm Compress

After 1-2 days of applying cold packs, you should switch to a hot compress. Warm compress helps to remove dried blood under the skin and increases blood flow around the eye. Just dip a clean cotton cloth in warm water and press it on the affected area until it becomes cool. For best results, use warm compress every 2-3 hours.

8. Raw Potato

Potatoes contain enzymes that remove old blood from bruises. Moreover, the bleaching properties of the raw potatoes would reduce the swelling and lighten the dark circles. To use this remedy, peel a medium-sized potato into thick slices and put into a refrigerator for 30 minutes. After that, place it on the affected area for half an hour. You can also squeeze out the juice from a potato and apply around the black eye.

9. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel has amazing healing and soothing effects on the damaged skin. To treat a black eye, dip a washcloth in witch hazel solution and place it on the affected eye. You can also make an infusion by mixing equal amount of witch hazel with water, then, putting 2-3 drops of chamomile essential oil. Soak a cotton pad in the mixture and place it on the eyelid. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day.

10. Calendula (Marigold)

Calendula promotes the healing of black eye by reducing inflammation. It also helps to get rid of the discoloration. To prepare the concoction, steep some calendula flowers in hot water for 15-20 minutes then put the solution in a refrigerator for 30 minutes. After that, soak a clean cotton cloth in the cooled calendula concoction and place on the affected eye for 5-10 minutes. Follow the same procedure, 2-3 times a day, for at least five days.

11. Massage The Area With Natural Oil

If you have a black eye, a natural oil massage can help to relieve the inflammation. Apart from improving the skin health, a gentle massage will enhance blood circulation. You can use coconut oil, vitamin E oil, diluted tea tree oil, castor oil, or olive oil. Apply some oil on the problem area and gently massage with your fingers in a circular motion. Make sure you don’t put extra pressure since it could lead to more pain. For optimal results, perform the procedure 1-2 times every day.

12. Pineapple And Papaya

These two fruits contain antioxidants and enzymes that can remove the discoloration of the skin. Due to the bromelain enzyme, in the pineapple, and the papain enzyme, in papaya, these fruits can speed up the healing process by reducing the pain and inflammation. Just extract the pulp of a papaya and pineapple and apply on the black eye area. You can also eat the fruits or drink the juices.

13. Boiled Egg

This remedy helps to get rid of bruises if the color is black or bluish. Boil an egg until it gets hard, then remove the shell. Roll it around your eyes while still warm until it cools down. After that, boil again and repeat the same process up to 3 times a day until the black marks disappear.

14. Vitamin K

Vitamin K plays a crucial role in the healing of bruises and injuries. It promotes vein healing and prevents the blood from clotting. So, the moment you see black eye developing you should apply vitamin K cream. You can also eat foods rich in vitamin K such as fermented dairy, broccoli, prunes, green leafy vegetables, etc.

15. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is an excellent remedy for treating bruised, swollen, or black eyes. It reduces discoloration and swelling around the affected area. To begin with, soak cooked oatmeal in warm water for 30 minutes and apply over the black eye. Wash off after 5-10 minutes with plain water. Use the oatmeal remedy until there is no more skin discoloration.

16. Bloodroot Herbal Paste

This natural herb is native to North America. It’s loaded with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties. To make a paste, mix 1-2 tsp of bloodroot powder with some water and apply on the black eye. Clean it off after about 10-15 minutes. Make sure it does not get into the eye since it can cause irritation.

17. Rest And Elevate The Head

When you keep your head elevated, you limit the blood flow on the affected area, thus, preventing the swelling. As such, elevating the head is very crucial, especially in the first 24 hours after the injury. So, make sure you put a couple of pillows below your head when you sleep. Also, avoid looking down when sitting/standing.

18. Tea Bags

A wet tea bag can blur black eye. Green tea contains polyphenols and antioxidants that help in blood circulation. Not only that, it has tannins which can inhibit internal bleeding. Simply dip 1-2 teabags in a cup of warm water, wring out the extra water and place the moist tea bag on the injured eye for 15-20 minutes. After a few hours, you’ll notice some positive results around the eyes.