18 Home Remedies And Cricket Traps To Get Rid Of Crickets

Crickets (Gryllidae) are particularly annoying because of the continual chirping they make all night while we try to sleep.

There are four major types of crickets you could find around your home, garden or yard; mole crickets, camel crickets, field crickets and house crickets.

Crickets thrive by hiding in cool and dark places. They also have a wide appetite for a number of materials ranging from fabrics, papers, and home decors to eating other injured crickets (as their last resort when they are really hungry).

Some of the causes of cricket infestation in your yard include; bright lights, garbage dumps, poor domestic hygiene, wild bushes and presence of cool dark areas.

Here are some good practices, to consider, when dealing with a cricket colony;

  • Shear your shrubs and long grasses as low as possible as these attract crickets and provide hiding places for them.
  • Ensure your home and garden is neat, dry and tidy at all times.
  • Store firewood outdoors as this might serve as a hiding place for crickets within your home.
  • keep your drains clean.

Below are 18 home remedies, repellents, and traps to get rid of crickets;

1. Seal Entry Points

The best way to get rid of crickets is to prevent them from entering your home. They can easily come through small gaps and cracks, especially during the night as they get attracted to the bright lights inside your home.

It is important to keep doors and windows closed when too many crickets are present outside your home. Seal cracks and gaps to prevent them from coming inside too easily.

2. Trap Them With Molasses

You can trap crickets in a simple way by using molasses. They get lured to the smell of the molasses and are attracted towards the molasses.

Just mix one part of molasses in ten parts of water in a bowl and place it in their high traffic area. You will soon see the crickets floating dead in the bowl.

3. Get A Pet

There is no better remedy than owning a pet as it works well against many pests and insects. Pets like dogs and cats have a natural instinct to catch rodents as well as insects like crickets and keep them away from your home.

4. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a white non-toxic powder obtained from silicon-rich microscopic algae. Besides its uses in food and skincare industry, diatomaceous earth is used as a potent insecticide.

Sprinkle the powder around your home and in the affected areas. Diatomite (diatomaceous earth) has a dehydrating effect on these insects and they die off soon after they come in contact with it.

5. Try A Pitfall Trap

Pitfall traps are great for catching a wide variety of creepy bugs. The edges of the pit are usually slippery and make the insects fall into the trap easily. The base of the pit contains soapy water which causes the fallen insect to drown.

Place these traps in warm and moist areas around the house as these are the most favorable places for crickets to thrive. You could also use diluted ethanol instead of soapy water. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3361084/)

6. Reduce Clutter

Clutter inside your home and in your yard can invite crickets and other pests in huge numbers.

Since these pesky creatures find clutter a great place to hide, they migrate very fast around the clutter. Clutter will also make it difficult to eradicate them easily. Organize your space and get rid of all the things in the house, and yard, that are not useful.

7. Use A Soapy Solution

Soapy solution, of liquid soap and water, can cause severe cell damage to these insects by passing deep through their shells.

Add some liquid soap to water and mix well. Put this solution in a spray bottle and spray it directly on the bodies of the crickets. Make sure to spray enough of this soapy water to kill them effectively.

8. Use Bug Sprays

Bug spray is an easy way to get rid of crickets. Bug sprays are readily available in pest control stores and can be used on a variety of insects. Just spray it in the cricket infested areas of your home to repel or kill them. Make sure you keep these bug sprays out of reach of children as it could be toxic to humans as well.

9. Grow Nitrogen-Fixing Plants

Certain plants that have the ability of nitrogen fixation may help in keeping crickets out of your property. Grow sweet peas, cloves and garlic to irritate the crickets and repel them in a natural way.

10. Do Simple Landscaping

Growing shrubs and long grasses in your garden will increase the number of crickets around your house. Keep shrubs short and clean. Regularly cut the grasses to prevent them from becoming a home for the crickets. Also remove dead leaf piles, mulch and old logs from your lawn to keep it clean and free from insects and pests.

11. Use Yellow Lights

Most insects including crickets get attracted towards bright lights. If you are using bright lights on your porch and near the windows, it can attract too many crickets towards your house.

Consider replacing such lighting with amber LED or yellow colored lights. Yellow lights do not attract crickets and reduce their concentration around your home. You may also use sodium vapor lights to keep bugs away.

Using less light during the night is another great way to save electricity while keeping bugs away.

12. Start Vacuuming

If there are too many crickets in your house, it is possible that they are laying eggs around your home. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean your house will help in catching their eggs and reducing infestation.

Make sure you use HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter and dispose of the waste content deposited in the bag carefully.

13. Get Rid Of Trash

If you keep your trash for days before discarding it, you may invite crickets and many other insects and rodents into your house. Get rid of trash on a regular basis.

If discarding it every day is not possible, keep the bin sealed to prevent the smell from spreading and attracting crickets.

14. Homemade Pepper Bug Spray

A homemade bug spray can work as effectively as any chemical repellent, all you need is a little time to prepare it.

Get hold of red chili powder and red chili sauce. Mix it with water and let it stand overnight. Now filter it so that you get rid of any fine particles. Mix some more water and add a few drops of liquid dish soap to it. It can be sprayed on plants to get rid of crickets in your garden.

Although it will not damage the plants, testing it on a small portion is advisable to prevent any damage.

15. Use Predators

The biggest predators of crickets are lizards and some spiders. Allowing them to thrive in your yard, as long as they do not become a problem, may help in keeping a check on the crickets. They feed on the insects and control their population effectively.

16. Sticky Trap

Sticky traps used for rodents can be effectively used to catch many crickets at a time. Just place them in a high traffic zone with some additional cornmeal as a bait and watch the crickets fall into the trap in no time.

17. Go For Biocontrol Agents

If you have mole crickets infesting your yard, you may use biocontrol agents such as Larra wasp to control them. They feed on mole crickets reducing their population to a great extent.

Since they do not cause any harm to humans or the plants, these wasps can be used to control crickets in your home. All you need is grow some wildflower in your yard to support the wasps’ growth.

18. Reduce Moisture

Crickets love to thrive in places of high moisture. If there is too much humidity in your room, consider turning on the dehumidifier to repel them. You may also increase air circulation by creating vents to reduce moisture levels in basement and attics.


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