19 Home Remedies & Fly Repellents To Get Rid of Flies In Your House And Outdoors (HouseFlies)

Houseflies generally gather in places that are not clean or hygienic such as trash cans or fecal matter. This fact would already tell us that houseflies carry numerous pathogens.

Houseflies, Musca domestica, carry disease-causing organisms and are known to cause at least 65 diseases and infections. These include cholera, dysentery, typhoid, etc.

Furthermore, house flies multiply rather quickly as a female housefly can lay an average of 120 eggs per batch. Over a period of a few days, she would produce 5 or 6 batches of egg.

These are good reasons to get rid of houseflies as soon as you spot them in your home or yard.

Here are some good practices when dealing with flies in your home;

  • Your house, yard, and garden should always be kept clean.
  • If you have indoor potted plants, ensure you use top quality soil that is not swarmed with flies.
  • Keep your kitchen countertops, cabinets and cupboard clean and dry.
  • Avoid leaving cut fruits, especially apples and mangoes, unattended to as they could attract flies.
  • Always cover your trash cans to prevent attracting flies.
  • Always cover foods properly.
  • Close all doors and windows to prevent flies from getting into your home.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Fix any leakages, especially leakages around drain areas as dirty damp areas attract flies.
  • Do not allow stagnant water in your yard or garden as such attracts flies.
  • If you keep pets, ensure their feces are properly cleaned as soon as possible to prevent attracting flies.
  • If you have to keep your window or doors open for fresh air, then install window and door screens in your house.

Below are 19 natural ways and home remedies to get rid of, or eliminate, flies;

1. Keep The House Clean

The best way to get rid of houseflies is to make your house less attractive to them.

Keep the kitchen sink clean as any leftover food or food smell can attract them in large numbers.

Also, keep your garden clean by getting rid of garbage, manure and decaying matter. Regularly clean the trash bins and always keep them covered.

2. Camphor Fumes

If you notice a lot of houseflies inside your house, just light up a camphor and let the fumes spread in the air.

This will repel the flies and make them move out of your house. However, do not use camphor around pregnant women.

Lighting camphor will also freshen up your room and help in masking other smells. (https://www.hindawi.com/journals/jchem/2014/963729/)

3. Check The Entry Of Houseflies

Usually, houseflies enter a house through open doors and windows. It is best to keep them closed, especially during the day when the flies are most active.

You may use a window screen if keeping the windows closed is not possible.

4. Try Cloves

The smell of cloves may seem refreshing to us but is disliked by the houseflies.

It is one of the best home remedies that keeps flies as well as other insects away from your house.

Just take a half cut lemon and insert some cloves in it.

The combination of the smell coming from it repels the flies.

5. Repel Houseflies With Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil is highly effective in deterring the unpleasant houseflies from your home in an easy way.

The strong smell irritates the small insects and they try to keep away.

Mix a few drops of lemongrass essential oil with a cup of warm water and fill the solution in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray it in the room with flies.  (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3718533/)

6. Trap Them With Flypapers

Flypapers can be hung at entryways to prevent flies, and other insects, from entering your home.

Just prepare a solution by heating a quarter cup of corn syrup and half a cup of sugar. Cool it and coat it on a few strips of paper.

The sugar will act as a bait, while the stickiness will not allow them to escape once they sit on the paper.

You could also purchase commercial flypaper traps.

7. Ward Them Off With Darkness

Some insects do not like to be in dark places. Houseflies are attracted to bright light and tend to move towards the light.

If you have many flies in your room, consider creating darkness by closing the light sources with blinds, leaving a single point open from where they will escape.

Also, put off the lights for some time to get all of them out of your house.

Once they are out, close their exit and entry points to prevent them from returning back.

8. The Mint Remedy

Houseflies do not like minty scents and will try to move away from such.

Crushing some fresh mint leaves will instantly spread the smell in your room warding off the flies.

Mint oil can also be used to deter the flies in an excellent way.

9. Use Water-Filled Plastic Bags

Large plastic bags filled with water can be hung at the entrance to prevent flies from entering.

It creates an illusion of a spider’s web because of the housefly’s special eye structure.

The reflected light from the water further causes disorientation, thus moving them away from it. Just take a gallon sized plastic bag and fill it halfway with plain water.

Add some shiny material like coins to create more reflection.

10. Place Cucumber Slices

The smell of cucumber repels houseflies and keeps them away from your home.

Place a few slices of cucumber over your garbage to prevent the flies from laying eggs in your trash.

Placing a few slices here and there will also check the entry of houseflies in your home.

11. Green Apple Soap Trick

Flies get attracted to the sweet aroma of green apple. If you have a green apple liquid soap at home, you can try this trick to get rid of them.

Just mix 2 teaspoons of the soap with a cup of water and put it in a jar. Place the jar in places where flies are present.

The smell will attract the flies and will eventually drown them.

12. Repel Flies With Basil

With so many medicinal properties of basil, it is a must-have for every home. Surprisingly, basil can also help in keeping flies out of your home.

Plant the aromatic plant in small pots and place it around your house.

Alternatively, you may also collect some dried leaves and put it in a muslin cloth. Hang it in places where your notice the flies most.

13. Spread Cinnamon

Cinnamon is another natural housefly repellent that helps in reducing their entry into your home. Just spread a few pieces of cinnamon, around your home, to irritate and repel them.

You can also make a spray using cinnamon powder and water to spray it directly into the air.

This will ward off flies and other insects from your house.

14. Make A Vodka Spray

Flies get deterred by the smell of vodka and leave your house in no time.

Just mix some vodka with a teaspoon of lemon, eucalyptus oil and 2 teaspoons of aloe vera juice. Mix well and spray it in fly-infested areas.

15. Citrus Fruit Peels

The tangy scent of citrus fruits irritates the houseflies.

Just place some orange or lemon peels in your kitchen, in your trash and near the drains where flies are often found the most.

Once you find the peels losing the scent, crush them a little to release more aroma.

16. Eucalyptus Oil

Spray a solution made of a few drops of eucalyptus oil with water around your house. The strong scent will naturally repel the insects and flies while providing you a fresh indoor air.

17. Make A Sweet Milk Trap

To get rid of houseflies in your home, heat half liter milk with 1/4th cup sugar and 4-5 tablespoon of ground pepper for 15 minutes.

Cool the solution and spread it over a shallow dish. The flies will get attracted and drown in the liquid.

18. Cayenne Pepper Spray

Flying houseflies can be repelled using a homemade spray of cayenne pepper.

Just add some cayenne pepper powder to a little water and fill it in a handy spray bottle. Keep spraying as you notice them.

This also deters the flies preventing them from entering your kitchen.

19. DIY Bottle Trap

One of the best, cheapest and easiest home remedies to get rid of flies in your home is to make a bottle trap.

Take a plastic bottle and cut off its neck. Now place a bait at the bottom of the bottle like a few pieces of fruit or a sugary syrup that scents like a fruit.

Now place the cut part of the bottle upside down like a funnel over the bottle.

The bait will attract the flies and they will easily pass through the funnel but will not be able to escape back.


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