23 Natural Home Remedies For Nausea

Nausea is a feeling or an urge to vomit. It is a sensation that plagues us all from time to time.

When we feel nauseated, apart from feeling like vomiting, we could also have symptoms such as dizziness, feeling hot or feeling sweaty although these other signs may not occur.

Nausea often indicates that something is wrong in our body. It could even be a natural response to something we have consumed.

Nausea could be a vague symptom of a number of ailments such as; food poisoning, heartburn, dehydration, motion sickness, stomach disorder, sunstroke, migraines, and various other diseases. Nausea could also occur as a side-effect of cancer treatment.

Furthermore, a number of women experience nausea, commonly called morning sickness, during the early stages of their pregnancy.

On its own, nausea is not a serious malady, however, it could make you feel weak and drained.

Here are some tips and good practices, to consider, if you are dealing with nausea;

  • Eat bland foods such as bread, potatoes, English muffins, and rice.
  • Avoid alcohol, carbonated, and caffeinated drinks.
  • If you have a bad taste in your mouth, try to rinse your mouth with a solution of 3 cups of water with 1 tsp of baking soda and half a tsp of salt.
  • Avoid spicy foods or foods with pungent smells.
  • You could also go outside to receive fresh air.
  • Endeavor to sit up after you eat as opposed to lying down.
  • You could try to watch a movie to take your mind off the nausea.
  • Opt for foods with lots of fluids such as popsicles and clear soups.
  • Try to avoid places with bad odors especially when you want to eat.
  • Avoid foods that are greasy or highly processed.

Below are home remedies for nausea;

1. Ginger

This flavorful root enhances secretion of saliva in the mouth. Ginger contains gingerol, a compound that gives instant relief from vomiting. In Arabic and Asian tradition, ginger is used to treat nausea that results from food poisoning, migraines and motion sickness. It works the same as vitamin B6 and it’s also effective in relieving pregnancy-related nausea.

To prepare ginger tea, steep one tsp of grated ginger in a cup of water for 5-10 minutes, and drink while still warm. Alternatively, mix some fresh ginger juice with one tbsp of honey and a half tsp of lemon juice. Drink the infusion every few hours until you get some relief. You may also want to nibble some ginger candy to alleviate nausea symptoms.

2. Fennel Seeds

Fennel is a naturally occurring herb with antispasmodic and calming properties. It reduces flatulence and pressure in the gastrointestinal tract encouraging the expulsion of gases. In Ayurveda, the fennel seeds are used to treat nausea that is associated with morning sickness. To make the concoction, add one tsp of fennel seeds in a cup of lemon juice and cover for 10-15 minutes. Add one tsp of honey and then sip the herbal tea slowly. You can also chew a few fennel seeds for instant relief.

3. Peppermint

Peppermint is often used in flavoring chewing gums that help to soothe an upset stomach. Peppermint leaves have a numbing and calming effect which makes it suitable for treating indigestion, cramping, and nausea. To prepare peppermint tea, steep dried peppermint leaves in a cup of water for 10-15 minutes, add honey and then sip slowly. You can also put 3-5 drops of peppermint oil on a handkerchief and inhale the scents.

4. Cold Compress

When you’re feeling nauseous, the body temperature is likely to increase. For this reason, you should use a cold pack to bring the temperature to a normal level. A cold compress on the neck also gives a soothing effect. In case you don’t have an ice pack, you can dip a washcloth in cold water and follow the same process.

5. Lemon

If you want to get rid of the awful symptoms of nausea, lemon juice would provide instant relief. Because lemon juice is acidic, the stomach creates bicarbonate, trying to neutralize it, which treats symptoms related to nausea such as heartburn, gas, and bloating. Simply prepare the infusion by mixing one tbsp of lemon juice with one tsp of honey and consume 3-4 times a day. You can also reduce the nauseated feeling by dissolving one tsp of salt in lemon juice and then inhale for a few minutes.

6. Clove Oil

Besides its culinary role, clove oil has many medicinal purposes. It’s packed with magnesium, potassium, and other nutrients that treat pregnancy-related nausea. Furthermore, clove oil has soothing and aromatic properties that are helpful in reducing the symptoms associated with nausea. If you have travel-related nausea, you can benefit from the sweet aroma of clove oil. Alternatively, steep one tbsp of clove powder in a cup of water for 10 minutes, add half tsp of honey and drink once every day.

7. Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)

Baking soda is a common household ingredient for cleaning and removing stains. It also promotes burping by neutralizing the acids in the stomach. To treat nausea, heartburn or indigestion, mix half tsp of baking soda in a glass of water and drink once a day. If you want to enhance the taste, you can add some vinegar. You can also prepare an infusion by mixing baking soda with lemon juice or peppermint tea. Pregnant women should avoid using this remedy.

8. Water

A glass of water can combat the symptoms of nausea. Besides keeping your body hydrated, water ensures your body secretes the right amount of alkalis and acids. With this in mind, sipping some water in the morning can prevent morning sickness. Moreover, water helps to flush out toxins from the body and also dilutes acids that can make you feel nauseated. For best results, you should drink lukewarm water.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV has healing properties that support digestion. It’s also effective in treating motion and morning sickness which are associated with nausea. Simply mix one tsp of ACV, one tsp of cinnamon and some honey. Then, add to a glass of water. Drink the resulting solution slowly until you get some relief.

10. Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are a common ingredient in Indian cuisines. They are also known for their powerful curative and restorative properties. Since they are alkaline, they facilitate smooth digestion to relieve nausea. To alleviate the feeling of morning sickness, you should chew five curry leaves in the morning. If you don’t like the taste, boil them in a cup of buttermilk and drink once a day.

11. Aniseed

Aniseeds work as a digestive aid, breath freshener and can treat nausea. They are rich in phytoestrogen which calms the stomach. To brew the tea, boil a quarter tsp of aniseed in a cup of water for 5-10 minutes, strain and drink once daily. You can also add the seeds to vegetables like carrots and pumpkins.

12. Sit Down

Moving around can bring the feeling of nausea. So when you feel nauseated, you should sit in a quiet room or lie down. This remedy is especially effective if the nausea is accompanied by headaches, dizziness, or blurred vision. Although it will not cure the problem, it will give you some temporary relief.

13. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has a sweet smell which helps to soothe the nerves when you feel nauseated. Furthermore, cinnamon is loaded with catechins, a chemical that helps to soothe stomach irritation. The herb can treat symptoms related to nausea like acid reflux, indigestion, and gas. To make the concoction, boil a few cinnamon sticks in a pot of water for 10-15 minutes, strain off and then add one tsp of honey. For optimal results, drink one cup of cinnamon tea once a day.

14. Eat Small Snacks Often

Hunger pangs can make you feel nauseated. As such, you should eat snacks in small portions to make you feel satiated. If you’re suffering from morning sickness, a high-protein snack would improve your glycemia, improve energy levels, and decrease your insulin level. You can eat a dry toast or a plain biscuit to keep your hunger pangs at bay. Also, make sure you don’t overeat because it could worsen the problem.

15. Breathe Fresh Air

Stale air is linked to numerous health problems including a headache, nausea, anxiety, depression, dizziness, among others. That’s why if you’re feeling nausea associated with motion sickness you should lean your head towards the car window to get some fresh air. When in the house, just open the window to get rid of the sickening odors. You can also sit under a tree and take a deep breath.

16. Bread

Bread is one of the most effective remedies for nausea. Bread aids in satisfying hunger and absorbs the gastric acid. So, when you feel nauseated, grab a piece of bread. Of course, you should not overeat since you don’t want to upset your stomach. You can also boost your nutrition by adding unsalted butter.

17. Hard Candy

When you feel nauseated, hard candies could provide some relief. They may not offer any nutritional value to your body but can be a lifesaver especially when on the move. Since they are quite cheap, you can have some in your home. They are also sweet which makes them effective in treating nausea associated with morning sickness.

18. Acupressure

In Chinese medicine, acupressure could be used to stimulate specific points of the body to prevent nausea and vomiting. This technique allows your body to release endorphins and serotonin chemicals which arouses ‘good feeling’. One pressure point is on your wrist between the two tendons. Simply press with your finger for 30 seconds and then breathe deeply. Unlike other conventional treatments, acupressure technique could give instant results.

19. Manage Stress And Anxiety

Since vomiting can be a sign of anxiety, you should be able to handle emotional and psychological changes in your body. So, to manage stress and anxiety you could breathe deeply every time you feel the urge to vomit. If you want to learn how to deal with stressors, you have to realize and acknowledge when you’re feeling anxious.

20. Exercises

Upper back pain and neck pain may cause nausea. To get rid of these pain sensations, you should try some stretching exercises. For instance, you can lie down on a flat surface, bend your knees towards the chest and breathe deeply. Alternatively, perform some push-up exercise to stretch your back.

21. Suck A Frozen Fruit

When suffering from morning sickness, eating is the last thing you want to do. To stop nausea immediately, suck a frozen lime or lemon. Although the juice may create a rush of saliva, it would give you a feeling of relief. You should ensure you have slices of lemon or lime in your refrigerator all the time.

22. Drink Herbal Teas

Herbal teas like chamomile tea, ginger tea, raspberry tea, and lemon tea can help to eliminate the feeling of nausea. Just store a few tea bags in your house; you never know when you might need them. Don’t mix herbal teas with other caffeinated drinks. If you’re taking other medications, consult a qualified health practitioner.

23. Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are praised for their therapeutic and medicinal uses. They help the body to secrete digestive enzymes and alleviate symptoms related to nausea and vomiting. Furthermore, they have natural anesthetic properties which make them effective in relieving pain. To curb nausea, prepare an infusion by boiling one tsp of cumin seeds in a cup of water for 5-7 minutes, add nutmeg powder and sip slowly.