23 Effective Home Remedies To Firm Up Sagging Breasts

Sagging breast is a common and natural phenomenon whereby the breast starts to lose its firmness, suppleness, and elasticity especially as a woman ages.

Breasts are primarily made up of fat, connective tissues, and glands for milk production. They are devoid of substantive muscle. As such, they need proper care to maintain their firmness.

In as much as most women would love their breast to remain firm throughout their lifetime, this is not the case. As a woman ages, the likelihood and severity of sagging breast become more apparent.

Apart from the aging process, numerous factors could also cause sagging breasts. These factors include; nutritional deficiencies, dramatic weight loss or weight gain, breastfeeding, menopause, pregnancy, poorly-fitted bra, excessive consumption of alcohol, cigarette smoking, excessive consumption of carbonated drinks, certain exercises, and certain diseases such as breast cancer.

Here are some tips and good practices, to consider, if you are dealing with sagging breasts;

  • Avoid extreme dieting as rapid weight loss can cause the breasts to sag.
  • Avoid slouching when sitting down or walking. Strive to maintain proper posture always.
  • Ensure you maintain a balanced diet and eat foods that are rich in both nutrients and micronutrients especially vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Use a sports bra or supportive bra when you want to exercise especially if you are doing cardio or aerobic exercises such as jogging and running.
  • Ensure you stay hydrated by drinking ample amount of water daily.
  • You could take up yoga to help tighten and firm up the breasts.
  • Include swimming in your exercise routine as it helps to firm up the breast.
  • Quit the bad habit of smoking cigarettes as this could exacerbate the already sagging breasts.
  • Avoid wearing poorly-fitting bras as they are a significant cause of sagging breasts.

Below are home remedies for firming up sagging breasts;

1. Cucumber And Egg Yolk

Cucumber and egg yolk makes an excellent toner that can go a long way in firming your breasts. Ideally, an egg yolk possesses large amounts of proteins and vitamins while cucumber is loaded with antioxidants like A-carotene, B-carotene, and Lutein which help to rejuvenate damaged skin cells. Just grate half a cucumber, mix with an egg yolk and spread on your breasts evenly. Wash the mask with cold water after 30-45 minutes. When you use this wholesome pack once a week, it would give your breast a perky appearance.

2. Ice Massage

Ice massage is an efficacious method of regaining the firmness of saggy breasts. Due to the cold nature of ice, it will make the tissues to contract for firmer breasts. Massage two ice cubes on your breasts in a circular motion for 1 minute. After that, wipe with a soft towel and wear a fitting bra. Try not to expose your breasts to the ice for more than one minute since it can cause numbness.

3. Exercise

The best exercises to add firmness to your breasts are those that target the pectoral muscles. They include chest press and pull, round-about pushups, arm raises, incline and decline bench press, and dumbbell fly. You can also do some yoga postures to tighten the breasts as advised by your trainer. While these exercises will not change the shape of your breasts, they will give them a slightly lifted appearance.

4. Shea Butter

Shea butter possesses large amounts of vitamin E which aid in skin tightening. Not only that, shea butter reverses the cell damage caused by free radicals. To give your breasts a firmer appearance, massage some shea butter on your breasts in an upward motion and rinse off after 10 minutes. Use this natural ingredient 3-4 times a week.

5. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds contain a natural astringent property which helps to tighten loose tissues. The oil in the seeds stimulates the growth and elasticity of tissues. Furthermore, fenugreek seeds have antioxidants which prevent premature skin aging. To make a thick paste, mix half a cup of fenugreek powder with some water, spread on your breasts and then rinse off after 10-15 minutes.

Alternatively, prepare a breast mask by mixing ten drops of fenugreek oil with half cup of yogurt and vitamin E oil. Apply on your breasts in a circular motion and rinse with cold water after 30 minutes. Since yogurt is rich in calcium, it would play an essential role in skin regeneration.

6. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a rich source of fatty acids and antioxidants that can reverse damages caused by free radicals. To tone up sagging breasts, put some generous amount of oil in your palms and massage your breast in an upward motion for 15-20 minutes to stimulate cell repair. Use this remedy 4-5 times a week. You can also substitute olive oil with jojoba or avocado oil.

7. Aloe Vera Gel Massage

Aloe vera has numerous benefits for skin health. When it comes to skin tightening and healing, no other herb gives better results than an aloe gel. The herb contains powerful antioxidants that reverse the damage caused by harmful free radicals. Other than that, aloe vera improves collagen production which helps to firm sagging breasts. Just massage your breasts in a circular motion for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Another way is to mix two tsp of aloe vera with one tsp of mayonnaise and apply on the breasts. Wash off with cold/warm water after 20 minutes.

8. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is an excellent anti-aging fruit that helps to prevent sagging breasts. Its oil has phytonutrients that help to improve the skin tone. To make pomegranate paste, crush pomegranate seeds and mix with three drops of mustard oil. Then, massage it on your breasts for 15 minutes before going to bed. Alternatively, mix powdered pomegranate with four tsp of Neem oil, heat for five minutes and massage on your breasts once a day.

9. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel contains polyphenols which inhibit the activity of enzymes that degrade elastin in the skin. To reduce the sagging of breasts, dip a washcloth in witch hazel liquid and apply it on your breasts in an upward motion. You don’t have to rinse off after application.

10. Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul clay is a popular skin-firming ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine. It contains minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium which help to tighten sagged skin. To make a smooth paste, mix 1-2 tsp of rhassoul powder with some water and apply on your breasts. Once it dries, wash with cold water. For quick results, use the clay once a day for two consecutive weeks.

11. Egg White

Apart from nourishing the skin, egg white contains hydro-lipids that can help to lift off the loose breast skin. For this remedy, you need to beat an egg and then spread it on your breasts. Wash off with cucumber juice after 30 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water. Another method is to make a mask by mixing one tsp of honey with egg white. Wash off with cold water after 20-30 minutes.

12. Slippery Elm

Slippery elm is used in the preparation of emollient creams because of its toning and firming effects. In addition to tightening the skin, slippery elm inhibits any inflammation. To firm the sagging breasts, massage them with slippery elm cream and allow the skin to absorb it. Repeat 2-3 times a day for one month.

13. Asparagus Racemosus (Medicinal Shatavari)

Besides regulating hormonal imbalance, asparagus racemosus can help to tighten saggy breasts. To make your beasts tighter and sexier, make an infusion by boiling one tsp of asparagus root powder in water. Drink in the morning and evening for three consecutive months.

14. Green Tea

Green tea contains catechins which stimulate the body to burn more fat, thus, reducing the breast size. Green tea also tones the whole body making it useful in reducing breast sag. Some studies have confirmed that consuming green tea on a regular basis can reduce the risk of getting breast cancer. For gradual results, drink 3-4 cups of tea on a daily basis.

15. Essential Oils

Essential oils such as cypress oil, peppermint oil, lemongrass oil, spearmint oil, and almond oil can help to increase the firmness of the breasts. To restore the elasticity of the skin, mix 2-3 drops of the above oils and gently massage on your breasts 1-2 times a day. Since pure essential oils may be too strong for the skin, you should dilute them with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil. Always take a shower before application.

16. Cleavers (Goosegrass)

Cleavers is a famous herb due to its tonic, medicinal and astringent properties. The leaves contain flavonoids and tannins which helps the breasts to regain their elasticity. To tighten up the sagged skin, make a poultice from fresh cleaver leaves and apply on the skin. Rinse off with cold/warm water after 10 minutes. Use the herb twice a day for one month.

17. Butter And Grapeseed Oil Massage

Grapeseed is a rich source of vitamin E which aids in contracting the breast’s connective tissues. On the other hand, butter contains large amounts of vitamin A and K, phosphorus, sodium, and calcium which prevents skin sagging. To prepare a mask, mix two tablespoons of butter with one tablespoon of grapeseed oil and then apply on your breasts. Rinse off with cold water after about 10 minutes.

18. Proper Nutrition

Excessive body weight can make your skin stretch leading to the sagging of breasts. It’s crucial that you maintain a healthy diet that includes all the essential nutrients and micronutrients like vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and essential fats which are necessary for firm breasts. These nutrients can be found in cauliflower, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, among others. Also, eat foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. If you’re overweight, avoid extreme dieting since drastic weight loss can make your breasts sag.

19. Maintain Correct Posture

When you lower your shoulders and hunch forward, the breasts are likely to sag due to increased gravitational force. While this may sound ludicrous, your sleeping posture contributes to the firmness of your breasts. So, to prevent the breasts from losing elasticity, you should maintain an upright position. Always walk and sit straight without slouching.

20. Wear A Fitting Bra

To give your breasts proper support, you should wear a push-up or supportive bra. Furthermore, wear a sports bra while doing any workout/exercise that makes the breasts to bounce. You should also find a bra with unique pad/holders.

21. Swimming

The easiest way to tighten the muscles around your breasts is through swimming. Apart from getting a good cardiovascular workout, swimming aids in toning the pectoral muscles on the upper parts of the body. However, if your lifestyle does not allow you to swim, you can still get the same results by practicing some dry breaststrokes.

22. Almond Oil And Milk Cream Mask

Almond oil works well in preventing the breasts from sagging. It’s loaded with essential nutrients such as linoleic acid which prevents damage to the skin cells. Unlike other oils, it can easily penetrate the skin making it a great moisturizer. To prepare the mask, mix 3-4 tsp of fresh milk cream with two tablespoons of almond oil and then massage it on your breasts in a circular/upward motion. Rinse off with cold water after 10-15 minutes.

23. Ginger

Fresh ginger root increases blood circulation on the breasts which makes them full and firm. Additionally, ginger boosts the metabolic rate which leads to a reduction of fat from the body. To prepare the ginger infusion, boil grated ginger in a cup of water for 10-15 minutes, strain off and drink up to 3 cups every day.