17 Quality Home Remedies For Shingles

Shingles, also know as herpes zoster, is a painful blistering skin rash caused by varicella-zoster virus. This is the same virus that causes chickenpox.

After you have chickenpox, the virus stays dormant in your body and may not cause problems for many years. However, as you get older, typically after the age of 50, there is a high chance for the virus to reappear as shingles.

Early symptoms of shingles include; tingling sensation, burning pain, and itching. The pain that accompanies shingles could be mild or severe. Blisters and rashes could eventually manifest within the first 14 days. If shingles affect your face, it could impair your hearing or vision. The pain that accompanies shingles could remain for weeks, months or even years after the blisters have gone.

Vaccines, typically recommended for people over the age of 60, could prevent shingles or make it less severe. There is no cure for shingles.

Below are home remedies and natural treatments for relieving shingles’ symptoms;

1. Echinacea

Echinacea is a medicinal herb that works as an excellent immune booster. Echinacea contains polysaccharides that help to relieve pain from your body. To treat shingles, you should combine echinacea with goldenseal to make some tea. You can also add ginseng to inhibit bacteria and viruses more efficiently. If you want to protect your body from such infections, you should take this tea three times a day until the shingles disappear. Make sure you don’t skip a dose.

2. Garlic

When you have shingles attack, you should increase garlic in your foods. Its antiviral properties help to boost a weak immune system. According to medical experts, garlic works well when it’s in raw form. Also, garlic is rich in vitamin E which aids in nourishing the skin. For best results, you should combine garlic with olive oil.

First, crush a few garlic cloves with a pestle until a smooth, creamy texture forms. Secondly, add a few drops of olive oil and mix thoroughly. Apply the resulting mixture to the affected area. Clean off, with cold water, after thirty minutes. Alternatively, you can consume garlic by crushing the cloves in your mouth and swallowing. Use any of this garlic home treatment two times a day.

3. Oatmeal Bath

When you add oatmeal to warm water and apply to affected area, it brings relief from any itching associated with shingles. In addition to that, oatmeal is able to eliminate any scars left when the blisters dry up thanks to its gluten content. For these reasons, taking an oatmeal bath may provide some relief. You should grind two cups of oatmeal and put in a bathtub full of hot water. Once done, add a few drops of olive oil. Get into the tub once the water attains a room temperature. You’ll soothe the itching parts. You could also take oatmeal as a dietary meal.

4. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a powerful herb that contains polyphenolic compounds that aid in inhibiting herpes symptoms. You could make some lemon balm tea to alleviate the pain associated with shingles. Add three teaspoons of the herb in hot water and let it steep for five minutes. When the tea cools to room temperature, use a cotton wool and apply on the on the blisters at least four times a day. Lemon balm is also available in the form of an ointment. Continue with this treatment until the shingles disappear.

5. Licorice

Licorice root contains immune-boosting bioactive compounds. Licorice has powerful antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the itching and burning sensation of shingles. You can use licorice in the form of an ointment, herb, or tea. When you apply the balm on the blisters, you keep the area well moisturized. In turn, the blisters dry faster. You could also make licorice tea by boiling the root in hot water for five minutes. For better taste, you could add some honey. Drink this tea three times a day.

You can also clean the affected area by dipping a clean cotton cloth in the tea and rubbing it on the shingles gently. If you’re not comfortable with either of these methods, use a gel, containing licorice root extract, and apply to the affected areas.

6. Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle contains anti-inflammatory properties that drive out toxins from the body. Furthermore, stinging nettle acts as a powerful immune booster. It helps the body to inhibit the virus that causes the infection. To get rid of shingles, you should boil stinging nettle leaves in water for ten minutes. Deep in a cotton cloth into the solution and apply on the affected area. Use this treatment four to five times a day.

7. Sea Salt

The antiseptic property of sea salt treats the affected area naturally. Simply dissolve two tablespoons of this salt in a cup of water and apply on the blisters using a cotton ball. Alternatively, you can soak your body in salty water for thirty minutes.

8. Cayenne Pepper

In many parts of the world cayenne pepper is referred to as chili or red pepper. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin compound which helps to relieve pain. You should mix cayenne with a moisturizing lotion and apply on the affected area. This way, you’ll numb the nerve endings and bring fast pain relief to the affected area.

9. Turmeric

Apart from culinary purposes, turmeric possesses strong antiviral, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. To relieve shingles pain, you should take turmeric powder and then add some water to make a paste. Apply to the blisters and let it stay for thirty minutes. Turmeric will also prevent future outbreaks in the affected areas.

10. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is used as a natural cure for many skin conditions. Just cut aloe vera leaf and apply the gel to the affected area. It will give instant relief from itching. Moreover, it keeps the skin moisturized. It’s advisable that you refrigerate the leaf for no more than four days.

11. White Vinegar

Since vinegar is loaded with astringent and antimicrobial properties, it can help to eliminate blisters. Just mix one cup of cold water with one tablespoon of vinegar, soak a soft cotton cloth in the solution and clean the affected area gently. This remedy will alleviate itching and pain. For faster healing, use this treatment three times a day. However, don’t use this remedy if you have broken skin.

12. Manuka Honey

Honey contains skin-reviving and antiviral properties. With respect to its nutritional content, manuka honey is about five times richer in nutritional value than standard flower honey. You should apply this honey directly to the blistered areas for about 30 minutes. Wash off thereafter. To alleviate shingles’ symptoms, use this treatment 3 times a day.

13. Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is one of the most effective remedies for shingles. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which help to inhibit the viral symptom. Smear the oil on the affected area and reapply it every few hours. Continue with this remedy until the blisters disappear.

14. Plantain

This natural treatment works effectively, especially in relieving pain. For effective results, you should make a paste by grinding plantain leaves and mixing with warm water. Apply this pasty mixture on the affected areas to soothe the pain. You can also add a few mint leaves when making the paste. The best thing about plantain is that it assuages the pain relatively quickly.

15. Fruits

To inhibit shingles naturally, you should start eating fruits. Citrus fruits help to strengthen your immune system and keep the skin cells healthy due to their rich vitamin and mineral content. They also aid in healing lesions associated with shingles. You should take fruits like oranges, pineapple, strawberries, and grapefruits throughout the day. However, you should take in moderation since too many fruits can lead to diarrhea.

16. Beans

If you are suffering from painful shingles, you should take plenty of beans. Beans contain natural amino acids, L-lysine, which curtail the viral infection symptoms and healing time. Examples of legumes rich in lysine include navy beans, wax beans, kidney beans, and black beans.

17. Calendula Oil

Calendula has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps to reduce swelling and pain. Besides that, calendula contains flavonoids that encourage the healing of blisters. You should apply calendula oil to the affected area three times a day. Although the pain may increase immediately after using the cream, it will slowly go away. The oil also prevents infection in the affected area.