How To Get Rid Of Skin Moles – 27 Home Remedies

Moles are growths that are common on the skin. Moles occur when pigment cells, called melanocytes, grow in clusters. Moles are often harmless and pose no health concern. However, they could be aesthetically unappealing.

Moles are often found around the neck, eyelids, armpit, trunk, and face.

Moles hardly change in size. As such, if you notice your mole getting bigger, you should get it checked out by a doctor or dermatologist.

Below are home remedies and treatments for removing skin moles;

1. Frankincense is more than just a great gift.

Frankincense essential oil works by tightening the skin that surrounds your skin mole. It’s also effective at absorbing unneeded oils around the mole, then drying off all that skin. The result would be  a scab in place of your skin mole, which will fall off in due time.

2. Potato can also be a great help.

These potatoes contain compounds that bleach the skin, and as such, they’ll be able to make the area of the mole lighter and brighter. You can use this remedy by rubbing a small piece of potato on your skin mole, then leaving the juice in place. This remedy can be performed twice a day.

You can also cover the mole with a little piece of mash potato, secured in place with medical tape or a Band-Aid. The mole will be removed over the course of about 4 to 7 days, at which point you can remove the bandage.

3. Iodine is also your helper in the fight to eliminate skin moles.

You can use iodine by putting a drop or two of 5% iodine on your mole (be sure to clean the area first beforehand). Wrap the area up with a bandage or medical tape, and keep the iodine on overnight. This remedy takes about a week to complete, and will cause the cells in your skin mole to die, and will get rid of the clusters of pigment cells that are grouped in the area.

4. You can rely on pomegranate peel for eliminating skin moles.

This works because of the many healthy bioactive compounds that pomegranate contains, such as antioxidants, flavonoids, phenolics and ascorbic acid. Allow the peel to dry out, then grind it up into a powder. Apply the powder to the affected area every day; it will take a few days for your skin mole to disappear.

5. Dandelion root can eliminate skin moles.

This is because the sap, which is contained in the dandelion root, has purifying effects on skin moles, sores, pimples, warts, and moles. So, to use this remedy, you’ll extract the sap and apply it to the affected area. Wash it off after an hour. Use this remedy two or three times a day. You can also rub crushed dandelion stems on your skin, or paste made from the dandelion root.

6. Black salve is good for black moles.

Black salve, which is made from a herb known as bloodroot, can help get rid of skin growths, including large freckles, in addition to its mole-eliminating properties. If you’d like to use this remedy, apply black salve ointment on top of the mole, and cover it up with a Band-Aid. To maintain the remedy, replace the salve with new ointment every 12 hours, and change the bandage as well. It will take a few days to start seeing appreciable results.

7. Flaxseed oil is good for skin moles, too.

Flaxseed oil is especially effective when the skin moles are prominently protruding from the skin. It works by softening and loosening the skin of and around the moles. In order to use this remedy, simply mix flaxseed oil with honey and ground-up seeds of flax, then apply and leave it on the affected area for one hour or more. This remedy should be performed three times a day.

8. Apple cider vinegar is here to save the day.

This apple cider vinegar remedy functions via its acidic content, which weakens the mole, eventually causing it to fall off. Place a cotton ball in the vinegar, then leave it on the area (secure with medical tape or a Band-Aid). Hold the remedy in place overnight, then repeat it until the mole comes off (which should take around 10 days). Another option is to rub warm water on top of the mole, then continue to use vinegar on top of the mole, until it becomes white. This remedy can be performed several times a day.

9. Grapefruit seed oil is a surprising remedy.

You can use this astringent fruit seed oil (which contains antioxidants and vitamin E) by taking one or two drops, applying them to the skin mole, and then placing a Band-Aid on it. This procedure can be done two or three times every day for best results.

10. Somewhat surprisingly, cauliflower can be used as well.

Use cauliflower -which works because of its vitamin C content, and because of the fact that it will dry out the area of the mole- by extracting juice from the vegetable. Rub the juice onto the skin mole, and keep it there for thirty minutes before washing it off. This remedy can be done a few times a day.

11. Onion juice is excellent for getting rid of skin moles.

This is due to the acid it contains, which will ensure that the mole falls off in a few days. To get the juice out, grate up the onion, then apply the juice to your mole. Rinse it off with water after 20 to 30 minutes, and apply this remedy two or three times a day.

12. Castor oil is effective at eliminating skin moles, as well as skin tags and warts.

Castor oil works by sloughing off one layer of skin at a time. To use this remedy, mix the oil together (a few drops only) with a little bit of baking soda. Apply this concoction to your mole, then leave it on and let it air-dry, which should take a few hours. Do this twice a day, every day, for about a month.

13. Sour apple juice is here to help you out.

This remedy works because sour apples contain acids, which will work to dissolve the mole. You can use this remedy by extracting the juice from two or three apples, then applying them to your skin mole with a cotton ball. Cover the area with a Band-Aid, then take it off after a few hours. This remedy can be performed three or four times a day and should be done for about three to four weeks.

14. Fig extracts (leaves and stems) are helpful for removal of skin moles.

The fig extracts, including its leaves and stems, work because fig is an exfoliant, which will help remove the mole from its roots. To get the fig juice, extract it from the fig leaves and its stem or simply steep the fig’s extract in hot water. Then, apply it to your skin mole using a Q-tip; this can be done three times a day. Wash it off after two or three hours.

15. You can even use hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide works for moles because it’s a disinfectant. It will also lighten the dark skin that forms moles and other dark spots. To use this remedy, take a food grade solution of hydrogen peroxide (35%) and apply it onto the mole with a Q-tip. This remedy can be performed three or four times a day.

16. Tea tree oil is also a great help.

You can apply this oil —which has been used to treat skin problems for centuries now— by dipping a cotton swab inside it. Wipe the swab on the mole, as well as the skin around it, and keep it there for as long as possible. For optimal results, this remedy should be used 2 or 3 times a day.

17. Pineapple juice is a great way of getting rid of moles and skin moles.

It functions by lightening the pigments that your moles are made of, which ensures that no one will notice them on your skin. You can use the juice by soaking a cotton ball inside it.

Fresh pineapple juice is particularly effective; this is because it has more citric acid, and bromelain, than juice that’s been held a while. Next, apply the cotton ball on top of the affected area, and leave it in place —use a Band-Aid or medical tape— until either the juice dries out or while you’re asleep. Along the same lines, other juices with citric acids —such as oranges, lemon, sour apples, and grapefruits— will also help you get rid of your skin mole.

18. Coriander leaves are a big help.

You can use a handful of coriander leaves for best results. Grind them into a paste, then apply the paste to the mole. Wash them off with water after waiting for ten minutes. This remedy can be used every ten days and works because of coriander’s astringent attributes.

19. Yellow turmeric is good for black moles and skin-colored skin moles.

This is because the turmeric powder is effective for healing skin, without leaving any marks behind. For this remedy, take a teaspoon of turmeric and mix it with a crushed-up tablet of Vitamin C. Turn the mix into a paste by adding a few drops of honey. Then, put the paste on top of the mole; it will take around twenty minutes to dry off. After that, you can rinse off with water.

20. Aloe vera helps with moles, not just burns.

Aloe vera is a soothing plant that has healing effects, on account of the compounds it contains: tannins, polysaccharides, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals, all of which work together to improve skin health. So it’s not surprising that it will help for moles. Simply apply fresh aloe vera gel to your mole, and leave a cotton bandage on it for two or three hours. This remedy should be done twice every day.

21. Oregano oil will help you get rid of moles.

This essential oil works for skin moles because of the antioxidants it contains. To use this treatment, mix a drop or two of oregano oil with the same amount of castor oil, and then apply the mixture on the affected area. Let it soak inside, rather than washing it off, and be sure to use this method 2 or 3 times a day.

22. A banana peel can definitely help you.

Cut up a banana, and simply take a small piece of the peel. Then, place the peel on top of the mole; the banana’s inner section must be facing the mole (and not the other way around). Keep the peel in place with medical tape or a Band-Aid, and leave the peel on your skin while you sleep. This remedy can take a few days or weeks to work properly, but you will definitely notice when the mole is gone. The peel is effective because of its acids (including ascorbic acid), which will help get rid of moles.

23. Sweet honey will blast skin moles away.

Honey works on skin problems because it’s an anti-inflammatory emollient that’s full of antioxidants. Using raw honey, apply the substance on top of your skin mole and cover it up with a bandage. Take off the bandage after an hour, and be sure to repeat this remedy several times every day.

24. You can even use ice cubes to get rid of skin moles.

They work because cold has the effect of stunting cell growth. You can use ice cubes by rubbing them in a circular pattern on top of the mole until the ice melts. This remedy can be performed five times a day.

25. Don’t forget about coconut oil.

This oil works because it hydrates your skin and improves your skin’s texture and consistency. It will also help heal the affected area. To use coconut oil, simply place a drop or two on the mole, and leave it in place, without rinsing it off. This remedy must be done twice a day, once during the morning and again at night.

26. Fresh garlic will help you with moles.

Garlic helps get rid of moles because of its enzymes since these enzymes would help destroy the groups of cells that create pigments. If you’d like to use some, crush up some fresh garlic, place it on top of the affected area (find some way of holding it down, such as a Band-Aid), and leave it in place for four hours or more. You could mix this garlic paste in honey to reduce any chance of a garlic burn.

The mole will fall off on its own if you repeat this remedy over the course of a few days, which could be as little as five days. Don’t forget to rub the area down with rubbing alcohol before you place the garlic.

27. Radish is a helpful home remedy, not just a cooking ingredient.

Radish works as a remedy for skin moles because they have a lot of healthy minerals —folic acid, antioxidants, anthocyanins, and vitamin C— and are great for detoxification. You can use radishes for skin moles by putting radish slices on the affected areas every day. Alternatively, you can apply grated radish instead of slices. You can even grind up some pieces into a paste and then put it on your skin moles two or three times per day.