19 Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection, often bacterial in nature, that affects the urinary tract. The infection can occur in various sections of the urinary tract including the bladder, kidney, ureters or urethra.

The major cause of UTI is a bacterial infection that often develops in the bladder but could spread to the kidney.

Women tend to have more incidences of UTI because their urethra is shorter, than those of men, and closer to the anus.

Factors that can increase the chances of having UTI include; challenges of emptying the bladder properly, bowel incontinence, kidney stones, pregnancy, having a urinary catheter, diabetes, spermicide use, a suppressed immune system, sexual intercourse, and conditions that affect personal hygiene habits (such as  Alzheimer disease and delirium).

Symptoms of UTI include; pain or burning sensation during urinating, cloudy or bloody urine, odor while urinating, abdominal pain, fatigue, muscle aches, and frequent urge to urinate but passing very small urine.

Urinary tract infections often clear up on their own after 2 or 3 days. However, more severe cases, often seen in elderly people with a weakened immune system, could last for up to a week or two with the use of antibiotics.

Here are some tips and good practices, to consider, when dealing with UTI;

  • Drink lots of water. Water would help detoxify and flush out the harmful bacteria from your body.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol. These beverages would dehydrate you and make urinating more difficult.
  • Avoid having sexual intercourse during the period of your infection as it could make the infection a lot more worse.
  • Don’t hold your urine. Holding your urine would increase the tendency of the bacteria to multiply.
  • Wear breathable cotton underwear and change them daily.
  • Avoid using feminine hygiene sprays and also avoid douching. The vagina and urinary tract is capable of regulating their pH levels.
  • You can use heating pads on your abdomen or on your back to help soothe the dull pain caused by UTI.

Below are 19 home remedies and natural treatments for treating UTI;

1. Parsley Tea

Parsley tea can be very helpful for treating urinary tract infection. A lot of doctors and herbal experts recommend parsley tea as it provides essential immunological advantages to the body. To treat your UTI, you will have to take parsley tea on a regular basis. You can make it by simply adding fresh parsley leaves in boiling water.

2. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is an amazing remedy for urinary tract infection. This remedy is not common, but it has been found very helpful in treating UTI especially in adults. Cranberry juice helps to cleanse and flush out the infection from the urinary tract. Drink three glasses of fresh cranberry juice, throughout the day, and it would be helpful in treating your urinary tract infection.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can prevent the growth of the bacteria which is responsible for urinary tract infection in the body. ACV also cleanses the bacteria from the body which is necessary to completely get rid of urinary tract infection. You will have to add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water to make the juice. You can also add some amount of sugar or honey to make it sweet.

4. Garlic

Garlic has the potency to remove a lot of harmful bacteria from the body. The pure form of garlic includes a lot of different antibacterial substances, such as allicin, that can treat urinary tract infection in a quick and effective way. The best thing about this remedy is you can use it in various forms such as in tea form or in food spice form. You will only have to use garlic on the regular basis.

5. Water

Almost every doctor will recommend you to take a lot of water when it comes to treating the urinary tract infection in your body. Water is a remedy for almost every type of infection in the body as it cleanses, detoxifies and expunges harmful bacteria and germs from the body. So, if you want to treat your UTI at home, drink a lot of water.

6. Cucumbers

If you think drinking too much water on a daily basis is not a good enough for you, you can consider taking cucumbers. Cucumbers have a lot of fluid in them. They also have many amazing benefits for human health. Cucumbers are helpful in treating urinary tract infection at any age. You just have to cut a cucumber into slices and eat it. You could also blend cucumber and drink it as a smoothie to obtain its benefits.

7. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is another amazing remedy for urinary tract infection. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties that are helpful in treating urinary tract infections. This tea tree oil remedy is very easy to utilize. All you need is to mix ten drops of tea tree oil in water and apply it around the Urinary Tract infected area. You could also add about 10 drops of tea tree essential oil into a hot tub and soak yourself in the hot tub to pull out the infection.

8. Marshmallow Root Tea

When it comes to treating urinary tract infection or kidney problems, marshmallow root tea comes highly recommended. Marshmallow roots have been used for several years to treat UTI and other similar body infections. You can make this tea by adding crushed marshmallow roots in warm water.

9. Clove Oil

Clove oil is very effective in treating numerous gram positive and gram negative bacterial infections in the body. It is widely used to get rid of the infection-induced pain. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it can also treat various irritations within the urinary tract. You would need to consume clove oil for one to two weeks to treat urinary tract infection.

10. Coconut Milk

Urinary tract infection can be treated with coconut milk or coconut water. This is one of the traditional and powerful remedies for UTI. Coconut milk is an antimicrobial liquid and it can lower the level and severity of UTI in your body. If you use it on a frequent basis, you can get rid of your UTI. You can take coconut milk and coconut water in several ways according to your preference.

11. Baking Soda

Baking soda is an alkaline substance that can help reduce your urinary tract infection’s burning sensation. It is very helpful in neutralizing the acidity in the body. It means taking baking soda regularly can lessen your UTI severity. Add three teaspoons of baking soda in fresh water, stir well and drink it.

12. Vitamin C

Vitamin C boosts the immune function of the body and treats UTI. It is very effective in preventing the growth of bacteria that cause urinary tract infection in the body. It will also help you for improved health level and a better metabolism. You can take fruits that are rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits and berries. You could also take vitamin C supplements. however, consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

13. Celery Seeds

Another home remedy for urinary tract infection is celery seeds. Celery seeds are effective to treat UTI as they fight against UTI causing bacteria in the body. To get celery seeds’ benefits, you will only need to take celery seeds and chew them.

14. Blueberries

Blueberries are bacteria inhibitors and can naturally treat urinary tract infection. Blueberries also strengthen the immune system which helps you to treat UTI. You can take blueberries whenever you want. You can also try blueberry juice which is very helpful for treating urinary tract infection.

15. Myrrh Oil

Myrrh oil is very beneficial for the treatment of urinary tract infection, fungal lesions, and body infections. Myrrh oil has antifungal, antiparasitic, and antibacterial properties which kill numerous types of harmful bacteria in the body. You can directly apply myrrh oil on the affected body area with a warm compress to treat UTI naturally.

16. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt contains various beneficial bacteria types which are good for the body. These probiotic-cultured bacteria, in the yogurt, can treat different infections including urinary tract infection. Greek yogurt is helpful for the treatment of numerous digestive and urinary disorders and bacterial tract infections. You should take Greek yogurt on daily basis to treat your UTI naturally.

17. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe irritations caused by UTI within the urinary tract. Ginger can also directly treat urinary tract infection. Ginger tea has some bioactive components, such as gingerols, shogaol, and curcumin, which inhibit the growth of UTI bacteria in the body. So, you can easily make ginger tea at home and drink it to treat urinary tract infection effectively.

18. Urinate Often

Emptying your bladder frequently would reduce the chances of harmful bacterial infections from multiplying which could, in turn, irritate the bladder lining. If the bacterial infection is left unchecked, the infection can establish a biofilm that could be antibiotic-resistant. More, so the infection can move upwards and infect the kidneys and the ureters. As such, emptying your bladder frequently could help prevent severe urinary tract infection.

19. Oregano Oil

Oregano has antibacterial properties that make it potent as a home remedy for UTI. A 2012 study showed that oregano oil is a potent alternative antibacterial remedy and is effective for the prevention of antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains. You can consume oregano oil by diluting it with coconut or water.