19 Home Remedies For Whooping Cough (Pertussis)

Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is a very contagious disease caused by the bacteria called  Bordetella pertussis. These bacteria attach themselves to the upper part of the respiratory system and release toxins there. Thus, causing damage and inflammation to the upper respiratory system.

Pertussis is very contagious and could spread from human to human. People that are recently infected with pertussis are most contagious within the first 2 weeks when the coughing starts.

Whooping cough can be a serious ailment in babies and could lead to a symptom called apnea in which babies breathing pause from time to time.

Early symptoms of whooping cough include; mild cough, runny nose, low fever, apnea (i.e a pause in breathing) in babies. Late stage symptoms of whooping cough include; exhaustion, vomiting, and rapid coughs followed by high-pitched whooping sound.

Vaccination is the best way to prevent whooping cough amongst babies, children, and adults.

Here are some facts you should know about whooping cough (pertussis);

  • Cough incidences, due to whooping cough, could last as long as 10 weeks.
  • Whooping cough could be life-threatening especially in babies.
  • Hospitals generally use antibiotics to treat whooping cough symptoms as well as reduce the likelihood of spreading the infection.
  • Globally, there are an estimated 24.1 million cases of whooping cough and 160,700 deaths per year.
  • A person vaccinated against whooping cough could still get infected. However, the infection is less severe if you have been vaccinated.
  • The most effective vaccine for babies is the DTaP while the most effective for children, teens, and adults is Tdap.

Below are 19 home remedies and natural treatments for whooping cough (pertussis);

1. Honey

Honey is an excellent remedy for whooping cough. It has a healing action on the body. Being an antiseptic and antibacterial agent, honey helps in treating the infection in a natural way.

Pour some warm water in a glass and add a tablespoon full of honey to it. Drink it slowly for a soothing effect and a fast relief from the cough. You may also mix 1/2 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon in a teaspoon of honey and consume it at bedtime.

2. Garlic

Garlic has an antibiotic property, due to its bioactive constituent called allicin, which is useful in treating whooping cough in a natural way. It clears off pertussis infection due to its antimicrobial properties.

Extract the juice of raw garlic clove and consume 1 teaspoon of it 3 times every day for one week. Alternatively, you may inhale garlic steam by boiling chopped garlic in water and inhale the vapors.

3. Vitamin C

Adequate levels of vitamin C in the body would help in treating whooping cough. Vitamin C also prevents whooping cough naturally. Include foods rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, dark leafy greens, and bell peppers, in your daily diet to boost its level naturally in your body. You may also take vitamin C supplements after consulting a doctor.

4. Green Tea

Green tea can provide your body a high amount of antioxidants that may help in neutralizing free radicals and heal your body. Take a cup of hot boiling water and add some green tea to it. Steep it for 5 minutes and add a teaspoon of honey. Sip it slowly to relieve irritated throat and reduce whooping cough. Consume this beneficial tea 2-3 times in a day.

5. Salt Water

Salt water can be used to gargle and relieve soreness and infection in the throat. The high temperature of water plus the high salt content helps in clearing phlegm and reduce coughing effectively. Salt also helps in killing the bacteria and promotes healing. Pour hot water in a cup and add a teaspoon of table salt into the hot water. Mix well and gargle using this water 1-2 times daily.

6. Ginger

Ginger acts as a natural expectorant and relieves a cough in an excellent way. Besides killing the bacteria, ginger also boosts the immune system and helps the body to fight against infections. Extract juice of fresh ginger root and mix it with honey. Consume 1 tablespoon of this mixture 2 times daily for a fast relief.

7. Lemon

Besides being an excellent antimicrobial agent, lemon also helps in thinning the mucus. The high vitamin C level, in lemon, boosts immunity and helps in fighting whooping cough in an effective way. Warm up a glass of water and add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a dash of honey. Mix well and consume it a few times in a day to reap the benefits.

8. Turmeric

Turmeric, and its active constituent curcumin, helps in boosting immunity to fight whooping cough from within. The powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties, of turmeric, heal the body and reduce the symptoms. Take a glass full of warm milk and add a half teaspoon of powdered turmeric. Mix well and consume it 2 times every day until the problem subsides.

9. Oregano

Being a natural expectorant, oregano helps in easing whooping cough symptoms. The antibacterial properties, of oregano, kill the infection-causing bacteria thereby treating whooping cough. Take a little oregano oil and mix it with coconut oil. Rub the oil using your fingers on your chest and back. You may also inhale the relieving oil by putting it in hot water and inhaling the vapor.

10. Licorice Root

Whooping cough symptoms can be easily treated using licorice. Licorice also heals the damage to the tissues caused by the cough. The glycyrrhizic acid present in licorice boosts immunity and fights the cough in an incredible way. Boil a cup of water and add a teaspoon of licorice root to it. Let it steep for a few minutes and strain it. Add a little honey to taste and drink the tea. Repeat this 3 times daily for a fast relief.

11. Saffron

According to Ayurveda, saffron is a great natural ingredient that helps in loosening phlegm as well as killing the bacteria to provide a great relief from whooping cough. Fill half of a cup with hot water and add 6 stigmas of saffron to it. Let it steep for 4-5 minutes and strain it. Drink it a few times in a day for a week.

12. Almonds

The bacteria which causes whooping cough can be killed using almonds. The polyphenols present in almond’s skin is known to have an antibacterial action. Almonds are also high in antioxidants that promote healing. Soak 6-7 almonds overnight. Make a paste of these soaked almonds by grinding them with half a teaspoon of butter. Consume this pasty mixture 2-3 times every day for a fast relief from whooping cough symptoms.

13. Probiotics

Probiotics foster better immunity that helps in fighting the bacterial infection that causes whooping cough. It may also help in reducing inflammatory responses. Include probiotic foods, such as yogurt, in your daily diet until the whooping cough subsides.

14. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil helps in reducing congestion and eases the symptoms of whooping cough. The powerful antibacterial properties help in treating the condition in a natural way.

Dilute peppermint oil with olive oil and rub it on your back and chest area to get relief from continual coughing. You may also add some peppermint oil in hot water and inhale the steam coming out of it for a fast action.

15. Elderberry Syrup

In addition to dealing with bacterial infections, elderberry syrup also strengthens the immune system for an effective action against whooping cough. Take a cup of warm water and add 1 teaspoon of Elderberry syrup and mix well. Drink it 3 times every day until there is an improvement in your condition.

16. Onion Juice

Onion juice can effectively treat the symptoms of whooping cough due to the presence of beneficial phytochemicals in it. Peel and mash an onion of a medium size. Add a quarter cup of honey to it and let it sit overnight. Take one teaspoon of this mixture several times in a day to get rid of the condition.

17. Cedarwood Oil

The strong aroma of cedarwood oil effectively reduces congestion and remove phlegm and ease breathing. Rub a little cedarwood oil on your cheat as well as on your back area at bedtime. However, avoid using this remedy on children.

18. Humidifier

A humidifier helps in reducing dryness from the air and relieves congestion. Place a humidifier in the room of the person infected with whooping cough to ease breathing.

19. Bone Broth

Soups with bone broth can relieve the symptoms of whooping cough and provide nutrition to the body which helps in fighting the condition. Consume foods and soups that are made with bone broth to get relief from the cough in a natural and effective way.