20 Bathroom Hacks Smart People Use to Make Their Life Easier

We all love bathroom hacks that can make our life a lot easier and also save us some money.

Below are 20 bathroom hacks that would help make your life a tad bit easier;

Below are some frequently asked questions pertaining to bathroom hacks;

How do I hide the clutter in my bathroom?

If you don’t have a big vanity, closet, or etagere for storing bathroom bits and pieces, try baskets or bins to hide unsightly products. Invest in a wall-mounted cabinet (they can be found quite cheaply) if you have minimal floor space. Keep extra toilet paper within reach!

How do you clean and organize a bathroom?

  • Declutter First.
  • Keep the Counters Clutter-Free.
  • Use the Inside of Cabinet Doors for Storage.
  • Use drawer dividers.
  • Have a Caddy for Each Member of the Family.
  • Add a laundry bin.
  • Hang towels from hooks instead of towel bars.
  • Use clear acrylic containers.

Should you store towels in the bathroom?

Bathrooms are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, and your towels are easily susceptible to these gross fungi. It’s fine to keep one towel hung up in the bathroom, as long as you swap it out once a week. Turning on an exhaust fan can help dry out the room and your damp towel faster.

Where do you put towels in a small bathroom?

Roll towels and place them in a round wicker basket, or fold them neatly and stow them in a square basket under the sink or by the tub. If you’re short on floor space, hang the baskets vertically above the toilet or sink and nestle a few rolled towels or hand towels inside.

What should I keep in my bathroom?

  • Hand soap.
  • Bath towels/hand towels/washcloths.
  • Extra toilet paper.
  • Toilet paper storage.

Where do you put toilet paper in a small bathroom?

It’s recommended you install toilet paper holder 26 inches above the floor and eight to 12 inches away from the toilet, measuring from the very front of the toilet. This gives you both the space to reach out for it and the proximity, so you aren’t trying to reach too far.

How can I organize my small bathroom without a drawer?

  • Mount baskets to the wall to organize your bathroom products.
  • Hang a medicine cabinet.
  • Store bathroom supplies in a rolling cart.
  • Add a side table to your bathroom.
  • Store bathroom essentials in cutlery caddies.

Where do you put toothpaste in a bathroom?

Keep items like toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, facial moisturizers, face wash, eye cream, contact, and contact solution. Store these as close to the sink as possible, and store extra supplies under the sink if you have room

Where do you keep your toothbrush in the bathroom?

Storage for family toothbrushes should also not be placed too close to the sink, where toothbrushes can be splashed with soap and dirty water from hand washing. Find a place on your bathroom counter in a far corner, as far from the toilet and sink as possible while keeping the toothbrushes within reach.

Is it better to roll or fold towels?

Rolled towels take up significantly less space than flat folded towels. Rolled towels can be stored easily in other places if you have limited storage space. Hand towels can be folded in the same manner as bath towels. Since they are smaller, the bifold or spa-style roll may be the best way to go.

Is it OK to keep makeup in the bathroom?

Unlike your skin, makeup can’t stand moisture, which means, the bathroom counter really isn’t the place to store it. Moisture encourages the spread of bacteria so make sure you store pans of blush and eyeshadow in a dry place.

How do I organize my cleaning supplies under my sink?

  • Create modular kits of cleaning supplies: We’re going to guess that about 75 percent of you keep cleaning supplies under the sink.
  • Use a tension rod creatively.
  • Create a trash and recycling station.
  • Maximize the door!
  • Use clear boxes to organize.

Where do you hide toilet paper?

Store extra toilet paper in a toilet paper cover, such as one that looks like a canister, a lidded basket, or a small stylish trash can with a lid. The cover can be placed on the toilet tank lid or on the floor near the toilet.

How do you organize your toiletries?

  • Don’t Forget Walls: Use bars and command hooks to maximize your space.
  • Pullout Storage: Use a pullout storage system in a cabinet or vanity to maximize your bathroom storage space.
  • Use Trays: Shallow trays keep toiletries contained on bathroom countertops.
  • Contain and Label: Sort your toiletries by type or expiration.
  • Add a Lazy Susan.





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