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$1200 Tiny House DIY Camper

This tiny house camper was built by father and son, Wayne and Neil Burnham. It is a simple interior insulated camper with a twin size bed. It also has a book storage. The windows were recycled from an RV scrapyard. It cost about $1200 to build.  

Tiny House Tour: 1950’s Spartan Trailer/Camper In California

This trailer tiny house is basically for campers. It still maintains the typical 1950’s look of trailer from that era. Features 1600 Watt Per Hour System With A 3000 Watt Go Power Sine Wave Inverter Dual System Water Heater (Electrical & Propane) 12v Electricity Stainless Steel Combo Washer/Dryer Stainless Steel Farmhouse Apron Kitchen Sink & …