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Tiny House That Costs Under $500

This tiny house cost only $420 to build. It is a 6.25 meter square tiny house. Most of the materials used for the building of this tiny house were recycled materials including scavenged pieces from building sites and dumpsters. This tiny house has a small living space and a loft with a double bed in …

Tiny House Camper Under $4000

This tiny house camper is a micro home is effective for hitting the road quickly and cheaply. Features Micro home Costs $3995 Stainmaster flooring 5000 BTU window AC unit Vinyl ceilings and walls Aluminum thread plate on the doors 2 windows on curb side 24″ wide door Flat screen TV Large couch

Tiny House Gypsy Wagon Under $1000

This tiny house gypsy wagon/vardo is a simple tiny house build that can be rented out in Seattle. Features Built on a 4′ x 5′ harbour freight trailer Stained glass windows Birch ply exterior Cedar porch Tarpaulin-covered bow roof