Free Tiny House Floor Plans: 8’ x 20’ Tiny House Plan

This is one of our free tiny house floor plans. It is an 8ft by 20ft floor plan and also has additional features, to make your tiny house more robust, listed below. You can also check out our ultimate list of free tiny house plans here.

Tiny House Plan 5 Ground Floor
Tiny House Ground Floor


Tiny House Plan 5 Loft
Tiny House Loft


Tiny House Plan 5 Dimensions
Tiny House Dimensions


Additional Features

  • Fridge/freezer
  • Vintage Stainless Steel Kitchen Piece
  • Tankless water heater (Precision Temp)
  • Pine interior siding
  • Cork flooring
  • Lasko space heater
  • Ikea hanging rack organizer
  • Tapeless Acoustic Blown Ceilings
  • Silent Rocker Electrical Switches
  • Hickory French entry door
  • Ventilation by a super efficient Lunos eGo through wall HRV
  • Cubic Mini pellet/wood stove
  • Shower curtain rod, curtain & setup
  • 20 gallon water tank

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