6 Gorgeous Tiny Houses With Gender Neutral Kid Room Ideas

These are 6 gorgeous tiny houses with gender neutral kid rooms. All these tiny houses have previously been featured in Tiny Quality Homes.

Due to the fact that tiny houses tend to optimize space, you would notice that most tiny house bedrooms can aptly be used as gender neutral kid rooms.

1. Tiny House “Scarlett” with 3 Bedrooms

This is a tiny house for rent at Mt. Hood Village. It is named Scarlett. This tiny house can comfortably accommodate five people. It also has three bedrooms. Its features include a kitchenette, mini split AC/heater and a front porch. The bedrooms in this tiny house can easily be used as a gender neutral kid’s room.
tiny house

2. 24 foot Tumbleweed Tiny Home

This tiny house is a 24 foot Tumbleweed Tiny House that is designed using the Cypress plan. It has bedrooms both upstairs and downstairs which makes it able to comfortably sleep five people.
tiny house

3. 450 Sq Ft Tiny House Cottage in Holland

This tiny house cottage can accommodate a family of 4. It has a bedroom with bunk beds and a main bedroom with two beds joined together. This tiny house has several rooms that can be used a gender neutral kid’s room.
tiny house

4. RV Tiny House with Hatch at Loft

This tiny house has a unique feature in that it has a hatch that allows for additional lighting to the loft and also allows for access to the roof.
tiny houses

5. Awesome Tiny House with Double Loft

This tiny house is about 280 sq ft with a loft at both ends. Its components and appliances tend to be larger than ones typically found in a tiny house.
tiny houses

6. Simple Yet Awesome Tiny House

This tiny house is a typical tiny house. However it is also energy efficient. This house has a beautiful gender neutral kid’s room.
tiny house

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