6 Simple Tiny Houses With Great Minimalist Furniture Ideas

These are 6 simple tiny houses with great minimalist furniture. All these tiny houses have been previously featured on Tiny Quality Homes.

1. Minimalist Tiny House

This is an 84 Sq Ft tiny house that probably stretches minimal living to its extreme. This house has the essentials a person needs for full-time occupancy. It costs $10000.
tiny house

2. 40Ft Tiny House Shipping Container Cabin

This 40ft tiny house shipping container was formally a refrigerated container. Thus, it has some good insulation. The house is spacious coming with a full-size bed and a large bathroom. Check out the minimalist furniture in the kitchen.
tiny house

3. Typical 2-Loft Tiny House

This is a typical 2-loft tiny house. However, it has its own unique features such as a concrete bar top and key-less door entry system. Take note of the minimalist furniture in this house.


4. Tiny House with Large Porch and Carpeted Loft

This tiny house is large. In fact, it is a small house suitable for people transitioning from a typical large house to a tiny house but are not yet fully comfortable with tiny house living. This tiny house has a lot of minimalist furniture.
tiny house

5. Tiny House with Double Loft, Perfect Stairs and Lots of Windows

This tiny house has double loft, a stairs to one loft and a ladder leads to other loft, lots of windows, storage and minimalist furniture.
tiny house

6. High-Utility Tiny House for Self-Employed People

This tiny house was built by SeaToSeaHomes. It has several functional features that would come useful for a self-employed person. This house can sleep about 3 to 4 people. It has a lot of wooden minimalist furniture.
tiny house

7. Lovely Japanese-Like Tiny House

This tiny house in the video below has simple features with a touch of Japanese design. It has a lot of Japanese minimalist furniture.
Tiny House

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