6 Tiny Houses That Can Help With Your Kids Toy Storage Ideas

These 6 tiny houses have fantastic storage ideas that one or two of these ideas can come in handy when considering storages for your kid’s toys.

1. Beautiful Tiny House In Seattle With Lots Of Storage Space Ideas

This is a phenomenal tiny house in Seattle. It is called “Pocket Mansion”. This tiny house was designed and built by Hannah Crabtree. Its features include skylights, lots of windows, lots of storage, dehumidifier in bathroom and a quasi-fireplace. This tiny house has a ton of storage ideas that you could expand on for your kid’s toys storage.
tiny house

2. Tiny House “Scarlett” with 3 Bedrooms

This is a tiny house for rent at Mt. Hood Village. It is named Scarlett. This tiny house can comfortably accommodate five people. It also has three bedrooms. Its features include a kitchenette, mini split AC/heater and a front porch. Scarlett has some pretty good storage ideas you can adapt for toys.
tiny house

3. $1200 Tiny House DIY Camper

This tiny house camper was built by father and son, Wayne and Neil Burnham. It is a simple interior insulated camper with a twin size bed. It also has a book storage that can double as a toy storage.
tiny house

4. Family of Three Living in a 400 Sq Ft Tiny House Cottage

This tiny house cottage has been the residence of a family of three. They share the good, and not so good, of living tiny country-style. Watchout for their baby’s storage ideas.
tiny house

5. Tiny House Cabin in Australian Wild

This is a tiny house cabin of about 10 meters by 4.5 meters in Australia. It also has a large front deck and an alternate water supply from a close-by dam. A lot of storage ideas you can adapt from this tiny house.
tiny house

6. Tour of a Small Cottage House With Lots of Storage

This is a tour of a small cottage house. In a way, it has a lot of similarities with a tiny house except that it is larger. It also has a lot of storage that can give you great ideas for a kid’s toys storage.
tiny house

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