6 Tiny Houses With Bohemian Style Home Decor

These six tiny houses have boho chic decor written all over them. All six tiny houses have previously been featured on Tiny Quality Homes.

1. Fantastic Tiny House Airstream with Interior and Exterior Shower

This tiny house airstream has an exterior and interior shower, lots of reclaimed pallet decor, green cork flooring and a futon. The makeover was done by Wind River Tiny Homes. The interior decor has a lot of hippie/boho influences.
tiny house

2. School Bus to Tiny House Conversion

This is a school bus that has been converted to a tiny house. It has a number of features that makes it very comfortable and a fantastic converted school bus. The interior decoration of this bus has subtle bohemian influences.
tiny house

3. Tiny House Boat Tour: Tour of an English Springer Narrowboat

This is a Springer Narrowboat. It is a simple comfy boat with boiler, solar panels, simple kitchen where almost everything is hung using hooks, storage and cabins around the boat. The boat decor has a lot of bohemian/hippie touches to it.
tiny house

4. Incredibly Beautiful 2 Bedroom Tiny House with a Fireplace

This beautiful tiny house has a unique feature of having a fireplace which is quite uncommon for a tiny house. It also has a touch of upscale boho furniture.
tiny house

5. Tokyo Tiny Apartment of 8 Square-Meters

This is a super tiny apartment that Emma, the resident, lives in Tokyo.
tiny house

6. Utility Tiny Home that was once a Trailer

This tiny home is a former trailer that has been converted to a versatile tiny home. This tiny house has bohemian style influences as part of its home decor especially in the bedroom area.
tiny house

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