6 Tiny Houses With Cool Master Bedrooms

These are 6 tiny houses with cool-looking master bedrooms. All these tiny houses have been featured on our tiny house blog.

1. Tiny House with Minimalist Furniture and Decor Style

This tiny house was built by The Tiny House Company in Australia. It is of a subtropical minimalist design and has some interesting features such as a remote-controlled bed and a removable modular deck. This house has a great looking tiny master bedroom.


2. School Bus To Tiny House Conversion

This school bus was converted to a tiny house by Ryan and Justine within a period of two years. The tiny house has the whole works; dining room, kitchen, shower, toilet and bedroom. This school bus to tiny house conversion was well thought-out and executed. The couple bedroom in this conversion is amazing.


3. 2018 Tiny House Log Cabin Park Model RV CBT39-3

This is a comprehensive tour of a 2018 tiny house log cabin. This is a massive cabin with a relatively big master bedroom.


4. Tiny House with 400 Series Stainless Steel Wall and Radiant Floor Heating

This tiny house was designed with a unique attention to details. It comes with some unique features like a 400 series stainless steel wall,  roth radiant floor heating and it is also off-grid ready. The bedroom area is well-designed.


5. 3 Tiny Houses with Tile Interior Finishing

Three tiny houses are featured today with predominantly tile interior. These houses are very stylish and show how tiles can make a major design statement in tiny living.


6. Tiny House Tour of a Massive Tiny House

This featured tiny house is very roomy for a “tiny house”. The exterior wood was burnt and waxed using a traditional Japanese technique called “Shou Sugi Ban”. It also features a good-sized master bedroom.