7 Amazing Tiny Houses That Can Serve As A Cabin Alternative

These 7 lovely tiny houses can suitably serve as a cabin house alternative. All the tiny houses below have previously been featured on Tiny Quality Homes.

1. 7ft by 18ft Tiny House

This is a compact tiny house with sufficient features for a tiny house living. This house is ideal for a single person interested in off-grid living or a single person trying to achieve a good mobile work/life balance. It would also make a great get-away cabin alternative.
tiny house

2. 451 Sq. Ft. Tiny House

This tiny house has 451 square feet of living space which makes it a large tiny house. It features include oak wood interior, bamboo flooring, Murphy bed, Murphy desk and washer/dryer combo. This is another strong contender as a cabin substitute.
tiny house

3. 2018 Tiny House Log Cabin Park

This is a 2018 tiny house log cabin. This would make a fantastic cabin alternative.
tiny house

4. Tiny House with Luxurious Features

This tiny cottage house is a perfect blend between RV and tiny house. It is under 400 square feet. As such, it does not need permit to move around. It comes featured with a front porch, ceiling fan, carpeted staircase and a loft with full-size bed.
tiny house

5. Tiny House with Over-sized Loft

This tiny house has a large carpeted loft, large kitchen with giant sink, beautiful bathroom, and considerable amount of windows. Definitely a cabin alternative.
tiny house

6. Impressive Lofted Tiny House On Wheels

This tiny house on wheels measures about 8 by 20 feet. It has a number of typical tiny house features such as a solar/inverter system, propane powered cooker and propane powered water heater.
tiny house

7. Tiny House Built by Bear Creek Tiny Houses

This tiny house is being built by Bear Creek Tiny Houses for a female retiree that has decided to voluntarily downsize. This is another beautiful tiny house that could serve as a cabin alternative.
tiny house

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