7 Incredible Tiny Houses that Optimizes Space and Energy Efficiency

This article highlights 7 incredible tiny houses that optimizes space and energy efficiency. All these houses have previously been featured on Tiny Quality Homes. It also includes links to the video tours where you can see further features of the tiny houses.

Eco-Friendly Aerodynamically-Designed THOW

This tiny house shows high level of consideration to its Eco-friendliness and aerodynamic design. It also has a lot of custom features from the sinks and bath tub to the woods used for its interior construction.
Tiny house

Off-Grid Tiny House Built with Nature and Golden-Ratio in Mind

This fantastic off-grid tiny house was built with natural inclinations and the human body golden-ratio in mind.
Tiny House

Tiny House Luxury Container

This luxury container tiny house is 8′ by 20′. It has a lot of good features to it such as the 11 windows and the double wide glass front doors with curtains.
Tiny House

Tiny House with 400 Series Stainless Steel Wall and Radiant Floor Heating

This tiny house was designed with a unique attention to details. It comes with some unique features like a 400 series stainless steel wall,  roth radiant floor heating and it is also off-grid ready
Tiny House

Horsebox Converted to Tiny House

This tiny house was a horse box that has been converted to a tiny house. It has numerous custom bespoke features and some really creative ways
to use space for tiny living.
Tiny House

Panelized Tiny House with Smart Appliances

This featured tiny house shows good workmanship and use of CNC or automated system to carve out panels that are then assembled to form the tiny house.
Tiny House

School Bus to Tiny House Conversion

This is a school bus that has been converted to a tiny house. It has a number of features that makes it very comfortable and a fantastic converted school bus.
Tiny House

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