7 Lovely Tiny Houses with Phenomenal Mid-Century Modern Furniture Ideas

These are 7 amazing tiny houses with mid-century furniture. All these tiny houses have been featured in Tiny Quality Homes previously.

1. Tiny House with Modern Rustic Look

This featured Tiny house has a mixture of both modern and rustic fixtures making it a good choice for people who like modern lifestyle but also miss the nostalgic feeling of a rustic living. In this tiny house, watch out for the subtle use of mid-century furniture.
tiny house

2. 1950’s Themed Retro Tiny House with Chandelier

This is a 50’s themed tiny house with a folding half loft, chandelier, 1950’s style fridge and 1950’s retro interior painting. This is a very well designed thematic tiny house.


3. Beautiful, Full-Feature Tiny House

This tiny house has two lofts; one is the bedroom and the other is the entertainment/living room. It also has lots of storage, airhead composting toilet and space for washer/dryer combo in bathroom. It also has a couple of mid-century furniture in it.
tiny house

4. Phenomenal Small Traditional Japanese Renovated House

Small traditional Japanese house that was once used to cultivate silk worms but has now been transformed into a beautiful simple small house by the owner. The renovation majorly involves using original traditional Japanese materials that were bought at bargain/affordable prices. Notice some of the Japanese mid-century woodwork in this tiny house.
tiny house

5. 1920 Tiffany-Styled Tiny House Smart Home

This tiny house is a 1920 Tiffany Styled Smart house that has also been featured on DIY Network.
tiny house

6. Repossessed Barn-Like Off-Grid Living Tiny House

This is a repossessed tiny house that is suitable for off-grid living. It is valued at $5000.
tiny house

7. Katie’s Historic Tiny House In North Carolina

The good people of TinyHouseListings.com visited Katie’s tiny house in North Carolina. As shown in the video, this tiny house has some history behind it.
tiny houses

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