7 Tiny Houses with Functional Sliding Barn Doors

These seven tiny houses have well-designed sliding barn doors. Most of these barn doors give way to access the bathroom/toilet. All the tiny houses below have been featured in our tiny house blog.

1. Tiny House With Secret Pet Door, Futon Mattress and Air Exchange System

This tiny house belongs to Ethan. It has a secret cat door, a bedroom loft with futon mattress and a storage loft with an air exchange system.


2. Simple Tiny House A Minimalist Would Love

This tiny house is a minimalist’s dream. It has the basic features expected in a tiny house but still keeps to its minimalist essence.


3. Tiny House with Artistic Interior Decoration

This tiny house has a number of feature options which include stainless steel appliances, fireplace, futon, large loft that can easily fit a king-size bed, and washer/dryer combo. It has a barn door for accessing the bathroom.


4. Tiny House with Beautiful Interior Design Ideas

This tiny house has a gorgeous interior design. It is a beautiful custom tiny house that also has an incredible tiny bathroom. It has a beautiful barn door.


5. Tiny House with 2 Bedrooms and a Kitchen

This is a tiny house that can be rented. It has two bedrooms; one on the ground and one in the loft. It also features a relatively big kitchen.


6. Tiny House Luxury Shipping Container

This luxury container tiny house is 8′ by 20′. It has a lot of good features to it such as the 11 windows and the double wide glass front doors with curtains.


7. Typical 2-Loft Tiny House

This tour is of a typical 2-loft tiny house. However, it has its own unique features such as a concrete bar top and key-less door entry system. It also has a barn door.