7 Tiny Houses With Minimalist Style Decor and Interior Design

These 7 tiny houses with minimalist style and living room ideas would definitely inspire you. All these tiny houses have previously been featured in Tiny Quality Homes.

1. Minimalist Tiny House

This is an 84 Sq Ft tiny house that probably stretches minimal living to its extreme. This house has the essentials a person needs for full-time occupancy. It costs $10000. This is a simple minimalist tiny house with basic fixtures.
tiny house

2. Extraordinary Off-Grid Tiny House Built with Nature and Golden-Ratio in Mind

This fantastic off-grid tiny house was built with natural inclinations and the human body golden-ratio in mind. This off-grid tiny house has a minimalist home setting.
tiny house

3. Tiny House/Studio in Sydney Australia

This is a tiny house in Sydney, Australia. One of its unique features is that it has its bathroom shower installed in the kitchen! It is a very compact minimalist house.
tiny house

4. Tiny House in Banff, Alberta

This is a tiny house in Alberta, Canada. It features include a futon, high ceilings, large deck outside and loft. This tiny house has a lot of minimalist room ideas.
tiny house

5. Off-Grid Simple Tiny House Cabin

This off-grid tiny house is a simple, beautiful one that is made up of the essentials without the full features typical in a tiny house. Yet another minimalist style tiny house.
tiny house

6. Lovely Japanese Tiny House

This tiny house has simple features with a touch of Japanese design. No doubt, this is a beautiful, well-designed minimalist tiny house.
tiny house

7. Beautiful Tiny Quality House

This tiny house has good features to live both on and off grid. Stairs are carpeted and normal stair step size to make it easier to go up and the down the stairs. The home has pine Dutchlap siding that has been primed and painted with exterior grade Behr paint. open kitchen with sink with room for full refrigerator, full stove, dishwasher, etc; small full bathroom (42 inches X 85 inches)
tiny house

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