8 Interesting Tiny Houses With Rustic Decor Ideas

These are 8 tiny houses with rustic interior decor. All these tiny houses have previously been featured on Tiny Quality Homes.

1. Tiny Rustic Cabin on top of the Ozark Mountain

This tiny house cabin is a rustic tiny house that features a lot of corrugated metal for its construction, recycled wooden pallet and reclaimed barn metal.
tiny house

2. 24 foot Tumbleweed Tiny Home

This tiny house is a 24 foot Tumbleweed Tiny House that is designed using the Cypress plan. It has bedrooms both upstairs and downstairs which makes it able to comfortably sleep five people. There are numerous simple rustic items in this house.
tiny house

3. Tiny House Built in 2008

This tiny house on wheels in Santa Clarita, California is very tiny with simple features and great location. It was purchased for $5000. Biologist Gabriella Skollar lives in the tiny house, which is in the Gibbon Conservation Center in Santa Clarita, California, where she studies gibbons. This is another simple rustic tiny house.
tiny house

4. Plywood-Free Tiny House with Corrugated Exterior

This tiny house has a shiny corrugated exterior. It is devoid of paint, shingles or plywood. It also has plenty of floor space for the living/dining room area.
tiny house

5. Off-Grid Simple Tiny House Cabin

This off-grid tiny house is a simple, beautiful one that is made up of the essentials without the full features typical in a tiny house. This is a minimalist rustic tiny house.
tiny house

6. Simple Gypsy Tiny House Wagon

This featured tiny house is a Gypsy tiny house wagon. It has very simple and rustic features.
tiny house

7. 1950’s Spartan Trailer/Camper In California

This trailer tiny house is basically for campers. It still maintains the typical 1950’s rustic look of trailer from that era.
tiny house

8. Super Tiny House that is Just 66 Square Feet

This tiny house is one of the older models of tiny houses. Recent models have some design improvements. This tiny house, however, still has a living room, kitchen, shower/toilet combo.
tiny house

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