8 Tiny Houses with Fantastic Family-Friendly Living Room Ideas

These gorgeous tiny houses has some awesome family-friendly living room ideas. All these houses have previously been featured on Tiny Quality Homes.

1. Beautiful RV Tiny House With Large Kitchen

This RV tiny house has a lot going for it. It has a full size kitchen with upper walled cabinets. It also has a custom-designed fridge/freezer unit that blends with the interior decoration of the RV. The living room in this house would make for a good kid-friendly living room.
tiny house

2. Tiny House with Mexican-Inspired Decor and Rooftop Balcony

This tiny house is built and owned by Rob Millar. It is situated in the serene Mojave desert, Southeastern California, has a Mexican-inspired interior decor and a roof-top balcony. The owner of this tiny house, Rob Millar, discusses how a tiny house should be uniquely yours with your unique flairs featured in your tiny house. This tiny house is has a theme-decorated living-room.
tiny house

3. Tiny House with Drawers under Kitchen Appliances and a Foldable Porch

This amazing tiny house belongs to Jadon and Katie of goodandtiny.com. It has some cool features such as a foldable front porch and drawers underneath some kitchen appliances. They also share why they love the tiny house lifestyle and how it has helped them as a couple. This tiny house has a white-theme family-friendly and toddler-friendly living-room.
tiny house

4. 24 foot Tumbleweed Tiny Home

This tiny house is a 24 foot Tumbleweed Tiny House that is designed using the Cypress plan. It has bedrooms both upstairs and downstairs which makes it able to comfortably sleep five people. It is a great family-friendly tiny house especially for a family on vacation.
tiny house

5. 1950’s Themed Retro Tiny House with Chandelier

This is a 50’s themed tiny house with a folding half loft, chandelier, 1950’s style fridge and 1950’s retro interior painting. This is a very well designed thematic tiny house.
tiny house

6. Panelized Tiny House with Smart Appliances

This featured tiny house shows good workmanship and use of CNC or automated system to carve out panels that are then assembled to form the tiny house. This tiny house is a high-tech designed family-friendly tiny house.
tiny houses

7. Tiny House with Artistic Interior Decoration

This tiny house has a number of feature options which include stainless steel appliances, fireplace, futon, large loft that can easily fit a king-size bed, and washer/dryer combo. It is a well-designed family-friendly tiny house.
tiny house

8. “Largest” Tiny House Ever

This large tiny house is definitely one of the biggest tiny houses we have ever featured on this website. It is aptly named the “Tiny House Mansion”. This is a great family-friendly tiny house.
tiny house

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