9 Awesome Tiny Houses With Remarkable Extra Storage Space Ideas

These are 9 fantastic tiny houses with remarkable extra storage spaces. They have all been previously featured on Tiny Quality Homes.

1. Tiny House Tour of Gorgeous Tiny House by the Lake

This tiny house is very beautiful, it is by the lake, has a huge front deck and many other features that would endear you to it. Watch out for the additional storage spaces.
tiny house

2. Simple Tiny House with Large Central Circular Window

This tiny house has unique features such floating stairs and a large central circular window. It has some subtle/hidden storage space ideas.
tiny house

3. Wooden Tiny House with Lots of Storage Space and Bedroom Downstairs

This tiny house is extremely cozy and seems to be targeting elderly clientele. It is mostly made of wood with cedar linings. There is a lot of storage space all around the house. The layout of this tiny house is also very impressive. This house has numerous extra storage spaces.


4. “Small” Tiny House with Fold-down Deck and Whiskey barrel shower

This tiny house is smaller than the usual tiny houses we feature. It has a small kitchen, gorgeous french doors, bathroom with whiskey-barrel shower, etc. Checkout its numerous storage space ideas.


5. Simple Yet Awesome Tiny House

This tiny house is a typical tiny house. However it is also energy efficient. You would also love the extra storage space ideas in this tiny house.


6. Quality Tiny House with Fantastic Floor Plan

This tiny house has a number of recommended features with a fantastic floor plan. Checkout its extra storage space like the ones under the staircase.


7. Spacious, With Loft, Tiny House In A Legal Community

This Tiny House belongs to Pierre. He purchased it from its previous owner, a DIY Builder, that decided to sell it after one year of usage. This beautiful Tiny House was also at the centre of the 2016 Tiny House Festival. However, it has since been moved to its permanent lot where it is 100% legal.


8. Beautiful Tiny Quality House

This tiny house has good features to live both on and off grid. Stairs are carpeted and normal stair step size to make it easier to go up and the down the stairs. The home has pine Dutchlap siding that has been primed and painted with exterior grade Behr paint. open kitchen with sink with room for full refrigerator, full stove, dishwasher, etc; small full bathroom (42 inches X 85 inches). This house shows some of the remarkable use of extra storage space you probably have never seen before.


9. Young Couple’s Dream Tiny House

This is a Tiny House Video Tour of Kelly and Canaan’s tiny house acquired from American Tiny House in Texas. It has a lot of extra storage.


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