Clean Tiny House with Elevator Bed and Open Space

This tiny house is a recently completed project by Ana White and her Husband. It is a tiny house with a modern rustic feel to it and it is also on wheels.


  • White deep ceramic kitchen sink
  • Full-size bathtub plumbed into a greywater system
  • On-demand electric hot water sink faucet
  • Comes with two 30-pound propane tanks
  • Two new Windy Nation solar panels with an inverter
  • Stainless steel LED lighting
  • Roof is a hail resistant coated granular shake
  • Flojet Quiet Quad water pump
  • 1-1/2” Black ABS Pipe for Drains and Venting
  • Premium Standard Douglas Fir Studs for Framing
  • Lots of natural light and beautiful light fixtures
  • Ventilation by a super efficient Lunos eGo HRV