Massive Tree House With Cool Design Ideas

This is a large multi-level tree house. It was designed by Beilharz of ArtisTree and is located in Cypress Valley close to Austin, Texas. This tree house has a bathroom, a living room, two bedroom (a master bedroom and a kid’s bedroom), a butterfly hatchery and soil-type roof.


  • Beautiful bathroom with a lot of wood decor
  • Arc structure to support all trees
  • Kitchen with oven, coffee maker
  • Fridge/freezer unit
  • Stainless steel sink with wood countertop
  • Medium-size dining table
  • Lovely interior design
  • Auxiliary outdoor shower
  • Well-designed living room with two connecting bedrooms
  • Children bedroom with reclaimed pallet wood wall
  • Master bedroom with queen-size bedroom, reclaimed cedar cast wall decor and reclaimed cypress wood floor
  • Heating and cooling system
  • Usage of renewable energy; Solar and Wind
  • Butterfly hatchery