Tiny House On Wheels Under 300 Sq Ft

This THOW was built with a lot of reclaimed and Salvaged materials. It is a 250 Sq Ft tiny house. It also uses the vertical space, within the house, efficiently.


  • 250 Sq Ft
  • Lots of reclaimed materials used
  • Bedroom on the goose-neck loft with closet and stairs
  • Ceiling made from reclaimed deck wood and corrugated metal
  • Projector screen used for triple function (as projector screen, as privacy screen, as insulator to trap cold air from AC)
  • Good use of vertical space
  • 8 Speaker surround sound system
  • Mini window unit AC
  • Modified 4-sinks with butcher block
  • Draft lines that come directly from the fridge
  • Industrial vent hood
  • 42′ x 36′ shower stall
  • Storage rack in bathroom
  • Nature’s head composting toilet

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