Tiny House Tour: Simple Tiny House with Large Central Circular Window

This tiny house has unique features such floating stairs and a large central circular window.


  • Floating wooden stairs with pipe railings
  • Large circular window
  • Dual Loft: one sleep loft, one storage loft
  • Laminated hardwood floors
  • Butcher board countertop in kitchen
  • Barn door to access bathroom/toilet
  • Flush toilet
  • Very cool sink in toilet
  • 32″ by 32″ shower stall
  • Vent fan in toilet/bathroom
  • Air exchange units
  • Wood framed house
  • Custom lapboard siding and stain
  • Induction cooktop
  • Fridge
  • Split Unit air-conditioner
  • r12 Owens Corning in subfloor of house
  • r12 Owens Corning in walls and ceilings