Tiny House Video Tour: Tiny House for a Family of 9

This tiny house was designed for a large family of nine people. It has a rustic but modern feel to it. It also does not snow often in this area.

This tiny house consist of a large kitchen, a family room, a master bedroom with a number of bunk beds.


  • Real 36” wood door with speak easy and hammered rivets.
  • 110 volt Ceiling fan
  • Automatic Deluxe Fan-Tastic Ceiling Fan Vent
  • Three Way Switches
  • Electric Water Heater
  • Side door with added bar lock
  • Shower is aluminum with a stainless steel pan
  • Interior wood finished with custom blended beeswax and oil finish
  • Ventilation by a super efficient Lunos eGo HRV
  • Cozy loft sized for a queen size bed
  • the furnishings are IKEA. The couch is a sleeper sofa
  • Strategic storage around the house
  • Convection microwave oven